Jfrog for Secure DevOps in Government

As a government agency, you must release software reliably, confidently and on schedule to continually empower public servants and better serve citizens with modern apps and digital services. Simultaneously, you need to ensure your software is secure and compliant to prevent cyber attacks. To accomplish these goals, governments need DevSecOps -- the orchestration and automation of development, security and operations processes across your software pipeline.

Public Sector CHALLENGES


Rigorous security and compliance mandates

Governments must protect troves of data via stringent software security and regulatory compliance. The key? A DevOps platform that automates security and compliance checks from end to end, and traces binaries throughout the release lifecycle from build to production -- so you can fend off hacks, such as supply chain attacks, and fulfill regulatory requirements.


Shrinking funds, ambitious goals

Government IT budgets are always tight and under scrutiny, which complicates hiring skilled IT pros and purchasing new wares. Public sector IT leaders must do more with less, while meeting lofty expectations. By streamlining, accelerating and automating software releases, a DevOps platform lowers IT costs, ups staff productivity and boosts application quality, innovation and reliability.


Heavy legacy IT burden

Citizens and businesses expect government applications to match the ease of use and rich functionality of commercial ones. With an end-to-end DevOps platform, public sector IT teams can increase app development and delivery agility, transform legacy software, leverage existing infrastructure, and deliver modern, engaging digital services to benefit their communities.


A siloed IT culture

Complex, slow processes. Organizational fragmentation. Poor communication. Unclear goals. Fuzzy accountability. Government IT teams must shed these workplace stereotypes. Adopting DevSecOps boosts cross-team collaboration, creates a shared sense of purpose, unifies workflows and sparks dynamism, laying the foundation for fast and secure software releases.


Unpredictable, ever-evolving mission

Government agencies must respond to changing needs and sudden challenges. An extensible, flexible, and scalable DevOps platform allows public sector IT teams to iterate and change course, adding features and modifying software on the fly. It lets them distribute it quickly, reliably and safely to all types of edge devices in on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.


The universal and hybrid JFrog DevOps Platform is enterprise-ready and ideal for government agencies to automate, accelerate and secure software releases from code to edge distribution

DevSecOps leader and pioneer

Millions of users worldwide and thousands of customers, including a majority of the Fortune 100 and 150-plus U.S. federal government agencies and contractors, trust JFrog solutions to manage their software delivery pipelines. The unified, hybrid and secure JFrog DevOps Platform covers all your bases for software release management from code to device -- with a universal repository, security, CI/CD and robust, scalable software distribution.

Modernization without "rip and replace"

Governments have significant amounts of existing IT that can’t be discarded. The JFrog platform’s openness, universality and extensibility allow public sector agencies to easily integrate with both legacy systems and modern DevSecOps toolsets. By interoperating with your IT ecosystem, the platform adapts to your needs and protects your IT investments, while allowing you to accelerate, streamline and secure your software release pipeline.

Environment agnostic

Government agencies engage in myriad projects whose applications and digital services must be deployed in a variety of environments for multiple technological, security and compliance reasons. The JFrog DevOps Platform is truly hybrid, supporting all types of infrastructures -- on premises, public and private clouds, hybrid environments and even air-gapped offline systems. That way, governments can deliver software from any source to any target quickly and securely.

Comprehensive security and reliability

Custodians of mounds of confidential, critical information, government agencies live in the crosshairs of data thieves. With the JFrog platform, government DevSecOps teams can maintain granular, centralized, complete control and tracing of binaries - a single source of truth from code to device. Further, the JFrog platform scales to infinity, and offers enterprise-grade resilience and reliability, helping to maintain app uptime and stability.


Integrated DevOps tools

Too Integrated to Fail

Integrates with your environment giving you the freedom to choose your tool stack. Use Artifactory to unite your CI/CD ecosystem, increase developer productivity and avoid vendor-lock-in.

Universal Security & Compliance

Supports all major package types, understands how to unpack them, and uses recursive scanning to see into all of the underlying layers and dependencies, even those packaged in Docker images, and zip files.


Scales horizontally, allowing you to have a centrally managed solution that supports thousands of users and pipelines in a high-availability (HA) environment.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Enterprise ready with choice of on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud DevOps or hybrid deployments that scale as you grow.

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