Infrastructure Automation

Initially developed in 2009 as a research project by PhD students at UC Berkley, Mesosphere was created as an open-source cluster manager that is able to abstract an entire data center into a single pool of computing resources and simplifies the running of distributed systems at a very large scale.

Run Microservices at Scale

With JFrog Artifactory on Mesosphere DC/OS you have the power to run critical workloads in micro-services at scale. It’s easy to set up with Mesosphere Universe and your team stays productive as they build and run new cloud applications. Cloud-native applications are composed of many software artifacts and components, and the combined solution helps you track and manage the path from developer to production. Try it out, get a free trial of Artifactory for DC/OS.


Speed time to Production

Provisioning of the various components in a CI/CD pipeline is efficient with automated and elastic orchestration. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS makes it easy to deploy and scale JFrog Artifactory, while running it on the same shared
infrastructure as your containers and other components in the ecosystem such as Jenkins CI and your source code repositories.  Run Artifactory with DC/OS to speed your time to production.

Enterprise Scale

Collaborative development means that your developers are supported with an elastic continuous delivery environment, in order to ship code to production faster. Enterprise DC/OS with JFrog Artifactory enables faster time to value for new projects with burst capacity for new builds, and easy rollout of CI/CD to multiple DevOps teams.  Scale up your development environment reliably across your organization.

Maintain Compliance

Built with the enterprise in mind with flexible, highly-configurable solution that enables support for all JFrog Artifactory Enterprise features including High-Availability, Multi-Push Replication, and Pluggable S3-compatible object storage. Accelerate modern app initiatives, simplify enforcement, maintain compliance.

Enterprise Artifactory & DC/OS

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