Get Trusted Models
to Production Fast

Improve the speed and success of your AI/ML efforts. Benefit from an opinionated approach to AI development that treats models like a package to simplify model development, deployment, and management.
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Unify Your SSC across
AI/ML and Software

Manage models alongside traditional software components to operate from a single source of truth and point of control across AI and software development.

Infuse Security Without
Blocking AI/ML Workflows

Empower AI developers with the same developer-friendly DevSecOps practices that ensure security without hurting productivity.

Bring Production
Best Practices to AI/ML

Free AI developers to focus on creating new models. Our platform ensures those models work in your production environment.

One Experience for
All Your AI/ML Needs

You’re covered whether you’re creating simple models, working with LLMs and GenAI, or exploring the future of lightweight models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qwak and JFrog already have a great integration. If you are a customer of both solutions you can take advantage of that right away. If you’re not an existing customer you can sign up for a trial of both solutions to give them a try.

There is no impact to Qwak customers today. Qwak will continue operating as a standalone offering for the time being.

Yes! Artifactory is the most advanced model registry. We will eventually bring Qwak’s capabilities to the JFrog Platform as a first class citizen with Artifactory as the default model registry.