Unify ML, Dev, Sec, and Ops

Bring the management of AI/ML models alongside PyPI, CRAN, Conan, Conda, and other software components for
a unified view of the software you’re building and releasing. Apply the same best practices you use for package
management to model management.

Benefit from

ALL your software components in one place

Proxy Hugging Face to ensure availability of models you rely on

Enhanced control, traceability and security of ML models

Integrated malicious model detection and license compliance

Standardize MLOps processes with existing tooling

Model Management at Scale

Unlike Git and point solutions, leveraging JFrog for model management provides the best in performance, scalability, and optimized handling of large binary files. Store models alongside their required data, files, and packages to easily bundle them into a secure Release Bundle for maturation towards release distribution.

Integrated with
Amazon SageMaker

Connect JFrog Artifactory with Amazon SageMaker to ensure that artifacts consumed or produced when using SageMaker tools are pulled from and saved in Artifactory for immutable, traceable, and secure releases.

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Powering the Software
that Powers the World

It’s our Liquid Software vision to automatically deliver software packages seamlessly and securely from any source to any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which Model repositories/zoo API interfaces does JFrog support?
JFrog currently supports Hugging Face as a model repository. Organizations can upload their proprietary or modified models via local repos, as well as proxy Hugging Face with remote repos for 3rd party models.
What file formats does JFrog support for models?
JFrog supports all file formats (ie. pkl, onnyx) and frameworks as a derivative of Hugging Face.
Do JFrog Hugging Face local repositories support federation?
Yes, the model and data files will be included in federations.
Does JFrog act as a machine learning model repository or registry?
JFrog serves as a ML Model registry with all the benefits of Artifactory and Xray applied to an organization’s models.