Continuous Security and
Universal Artifact Analysis
What is JFrog Xray

Multilayer analysis of your containers and
software artifacts for vulnerabilities, license
compliance and quality assurance

Continuously govern and audit all artifacts consumed and produced in your CI/CD pipeline.

Ensure Trust in your Software release
Built-in integration with Artifactory
Native Integration
Content Control
Download Blocking
Ability to do build analysis;
customize build action based on results
Comprehensive database from both JFrog and 3rd party sources
Security Vulnerabilities
OSS Licenses
Coming Soon
Code Quality
Coming Soon
Performance Issues
Component Graph
User Policies
Metadata Database
Ensure Trust in your Software release
Web Hook
Fail CI
Triggered Email
Download Block

The XRAY Difference


JFrog Xray performs
artifact analysis for all major package formats
across the CI/CD pipeline.

Radical Transparency

Deep recursive scanning provides insight into your components graph and shows the impact that any issue has on all your software artifacts.

Scales to Infinity

Achieve high availability with active/active clustering for your DevOps setup to support your scale.

Native Artifactory Integration

The only binary analysis product that adds value to Artifactory by enriching artifacts with metadata and protecting your software from potential threats.

Software Supply Chain Ready

Provides fully automated protection for development, build, and production phases through IDE and CI/CD integration and an extensive REST API.

Unbeatable 24/7 R&D Level Support

We provide around the clock
help from the best support team
in the industry.

On-Prem and Cloud Versions available

On-Prem Version
manage, and maintain on your
hardware or host in the cloud yourself.
Free Trial
Cloud Version
Software as a Service (SaaS). JFrog manages,
maintains and scales the infrastructure, and provides
automated server backups with free updates and guaranteed uptime.
Free Trial


Detect dependencies across
all artifacts to enable full
impact analysis and
secured data-centers.

than just

Increase your development
workflow speed. Xray helps you
speed up development by detecting
vulnerabilities and outdated artifacts
in the early stages of software build
and release cycle.

Release Fast Or Die