JFrog as a
DevOps Platform

End-to-end control of your DevOps pipeline

End-to-End DevOps Acceleration

The JFrog Platform gives you an end-to-end pipeline
to control the flow of your binaries from build to production.

The JFrog Platform Difference

DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

Fully automated DevOps platform to distribute trusted software releases from code to production.

Scale & Agility

Scale & Agility

Onboard DevOps projects with users, resources and permissions fast.

DevOps Security Built In

DevOps Security Built In

Fearlessly update software with built-in security across your pipelines.

High Availability

High Availability

Achieve zero downtime across your DevOps pipeline with High Availability and active/active clustering for your enterprise.

DevOps Integrations

DevOps Integrations

Control your DevOps environment with out-of-the-box native and ecosystem integrations.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud DevOps

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud DevOps

Enterprise ready with choice of on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid deployments that scale as you grow.

Explore JFrog
as a DevOps Platform

DevOps Platform Solutions

Universal artifact
Advanced Security
& Compliance
Fast, Trusted
Software Releases
Platform Automation
IoT Management
with DevOps Agility

Universal Artifact Management
with JFrog Artifactory

The undisputed software repository leader for integrated, universal artifact management at enterprise scale.

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Advanced Security & Compliance
with JFrog Xray

Advanced DevOps security that safeguards software delivery from source to edge in a unified software supply chain platform.

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Fast, Trusted Software Releases
with JFrog Distribution

Accelerate secure distribution at scale across runtime environments, devices, download centers, and remote development sites

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End-to-End Platform Automation
with JFrog Pipelines

Universally orchestrate software releases and master the entire CI/CD pipeline from code to production.

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IoT Device Management
with JFrog Connect

Ensure speed, reliability and security of IoT software updates and device management at scale.

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Platform Integrations &
JFrog Partners

As a DevOps Platform, JFrog seamlessly integrates with any development environments, DevOps tools, and processes with native integrations, robust API, and CLI.

Need an End-to-End
DevOps Platform?

Manage software development workflows from developer to device,
using JFrog as a hybrid, end-to-end,
universal DevOps platform.

Available in the cloud or self-hosted

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JFrog as a DevOps Platform

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What is a DevOps Platform?

A true DevOps Platform combines multiple aspects of the end-to-end DevOps cycle into a single, scalable solution. For example, CI/CD tools, artifact repositories, security solutions, distribution solutions and more.

Who needs a complete DevOps Platform?

DevOps platforms are required for any modern development organization delivering software and digital assets to end-users. In short, everyone.

How can I try the JFrog Platform?

The JFrog Platform is available for a free trial as a complete, integrated platform here. If you want to get started with core components of the Platform in the cloud, you can get started with JFrog’s artifact management, security and CI tools for free.

How much does it cost?

The JFrog Platform is sold via subscription that gives you access to Platform features based on your goals. All subscriptions include artifact management and security solutions, and have unlimited users.

What’s the difference between your Cloud DevOps Platform and self-hosted versions?

The JFrog Platform is fully hybrid, with common features, functions and UI interfaces regardless of consumption model across SaaS and self-hosted versions. Subscription plans may differ slightly, and full details can be found on the pricing page as well as the matrix above on this page.

How well does it scale?

The JFrog Platform is utilized by small companies, as well as some of the world’s largest organizations that support tens of thousands of developers. With unlimited users in all subscriptions, JFrog Platform customers have a solution that supports them across the business.

Will it integrate with what I already have?

The JFrog Platform integrates across the DevOps ecosystem to support nearly any technology, provider or topology. We like to say it’s “too integrated to fail” with universal package support and nearly limitless partner integrations.