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The JFrog Platform integration with Slack focuses on Artifactory and Xray notification workflows and bi-directional event actions. Whether you’re looking to alert your team of new distribution events, or you’re looking to help your developers with rapid vulnerability notifications, docker tags, and build notifications, our integration has got you covered! Install the app for your team or organization today:

The Slack application for JFrog requires that you or your org have a Cloud JFrog account on Artifactory 7.27 or above.

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For support, reach out to partner-support@jfrog.com.

Gain better insights into your DevOps

Team Collaboration

Create notifications, download artifacts, and make your repository information available. Reduce friction in resolving incidents by keeping your development teams integrated with the JFrog Platform at all times.

Getting Started

How to create Notifications

Step 1: Download the JFrog Slack Application

Step 2: Configure your JFrog Platform Deployment.
Go to the administration section inside the JFrog Platform and click on Security and then Integrations. Create a New Client Integration and once you name it and select our app - hit Generate Client ID & Secret.

Step 3: Login with your JFrog Username and Password.

Step 4: Now you can start creating notifications! For more information, follow along with our documentation.

The Slack integration only works with Artifactory 7.27 or above.
For support, reach out to partner-support@jfrog.com.

What does Artifactory Notifications Include ?
  • Artifacts
  • Artifact Properties
  • Docker Tags
  • Builds
  • Release Bundles (Enterprise+)
  • Distribution (Enterprise+)
What does Xray Notifications Include ?
  • Individual Vulnerabilities
  • Summary of Vulnerabilities by Component
  • Licence Compliance

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