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Artifactory is a single access point hosting all of your Docker images. With full support for the Docker Registry API, Artifactory is transparent to the Docker client and removes the overhead connected with managing your Docker images.

Optimize builds

Using Artifactory instead of Private Repositories on Docker Hub removes any issues related to networking or internet connectivity. When all of your Docker images are accessed through local repositories in Artifactory, connectivity is never a problem, not for developer nor CI servers.

Distribute and share

Maximize reuse of your codebase by sharing images within your team and organization. Local repositories in Artifactory give you a central location to deploy and host your images, effectively, a private Docker registry that replaces Docker Hub. And to collaborate with teams at remote sites, you can replicate you Artifactory Docker registries and keep them synchronized with every change to the hosted Docker images.

Consistent and reliable access

With remote repositories, Artifactory is a proxy for Docker Hub, a Docker registry on Bintray or any other remote Docker resource. Once an image is downloaded, Artifactory stores it in a local cache. Upon receiving subsequent requests, Artifactory provides the locally cached copy removing any dependence on the network or on the remote resource.

Fine-grained access control

A local repository in Artifactory is a secure private Docker registry that gives you fine-grained access control to your images. As a first line of defense, Artifactory lets you use naming patterns to define “Excludes” and “Includes” for access. Then you can assign different sets of permissions to users and groups. You can also use Artifactory’s integration with LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, Crowd and others to control access to your servers.

High Availability Docker Registry

Artifactory supports a High Availability network configuration with a cluster of 2 or more Artifactory servers on the same Local Area Network. A redundant network architecture means that there is no single-point-of-failure, and your system can continue to operate as long as at least one of the Artifactory nodes is operational. This maximizes your uptime and makes Artifactory the most stable Docker registry in the market with levels of up to “five nines” availability.

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