Hands on Lab Promoting a Docker Image to Prod with Jenkins and Artifactory

Webinar Description:

Join us for a virtual, hands on lab where Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog Developer Advocate, will walk you through a one hour tutorial via our hosted demo environment. Baruch will guide lab participants through:

  • A CI/CD pipeline shown as 3 pipelines in Jenkins
  • Creation of a web application and push to Artifactory
  • Using a Docker image with Ubuntu, Java and Tomcat to create a web server template and pushing to Artifactory
  • Downloading the web app and web server template from Artifactory
  • Creating the production Docker image
  • Promoting the Docker image to a production repository in Artifactory

Please make sure to register for our free demo environment hosted on Google Cloud Platform prior to the webinar. You will not be asked for any payment information but you will need to check the user agreement boxes. You won’t need to upload any of your (or your company’s) production data, everything is ready to go! Just wait to hit the “Launch” button until an hour before the webinar, we’ll send a reminder email then.

Demo Environment Registration: try.jfrog.com

Have additional questions? Please email us at webinars@jfrog.com

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