What’s New with JFrog Xray and DevSecOps

As we look to improve the quality and capabilities of the JFrog DevOps Platform, especially in the world of DevSecOps, we have added powerful new features to further enhance the award-winning JFrog Xray. The capabilities detailed below cement Xray’s position as a universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution trusted by developers and DevSecOps teams globally … Continued

JFrog Artifactory Terraform Provider Gains Xray Functionality

A few months ago, I was asked if I wanted to develop an open-source Terraform provider. Eleanor Saitta, principal at Systems Structure Ltd, had a client who was setting up JFrog Xray across their Github repositories but didn’t want to configure each repository by hand. As an SRE who enjoys working on projects that automate … Continued

Automatically Assess and Remediate the SolarWinds Hack

With software supply chain attacks on the rise, are you wondering how you can recover quickly from the recent SolarWinds breach at your company? Months after its discovery, the devastating SolarWinds hack remains a top concern for business, government and IT leaders. This destructive supply chain attack put the spotlight on software development security — … Continued

Stay Alert to Security With Xray and PagerDuty

When it comes to securing your software development against open source vulnerabilities, the earlier action occurs — by the right person — the safer you and your enterprise will be. Many IT departments rely on the PagerDuty incident response platform to improve visibility and agility across the organization. The enterprise-quality incident management system provides reliable … Continued

SDLC Security: It’s Personal for JFrog

The SolarWinds hack, which has affected high-profile Fortune 500 companies and large U.S. federal government agencies, has put the spotlight on software development security — a critical issue for the DevOps community and for JFrog. At a fundamental level, if the code released via CI/CD pipelines is unsafe, all other DevOps benefits are for naught. … Continued

Track JFrog Platform Performance with Datadog Analytics

Faithful operation of your JFrog Platform can be best assured by tracking usage data of Artifactory and Xray. With insights gained through real-time observability and log analytics, you can boost the efficiency of your DevOps pipeline and keep your software releases running joyfully. Datadog is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that is a popularly used … Continued

Unified JFrog Platform Monitoring With Prometheus and Grafana

Running the JFrog DevOps Platform on Kubernetes in your enterprise can mean serving millions of artifacts to developers and customers each day. But operating at top performance requires being able to answer some vital questions. Like what is the most requested artifact? What is the most popular repo? Who are your heaviest users? For security, … Continued

Stretch Your Reach with Unified JFrog Data and Elastic

  DevOps teams rely on Artifactory as the bread and butter tool of universal binary repo managers, but observing its operations can be challenging. With multiple high availability nodes and unification with Xray as the JFrog DevOps Platform, that operations data is spread out across logs for each service in the JFrog Platform deployment. Operations … Continued