CI/CD In Confidence: How Pipelines Keeps Your Secrets

A friend that can’t keep a secret isn’t one you’ll rely on. The same is true for your mission critical CI/CD tool that you have to entrust with credentials for each integrated component. Keeping your secrets safe can be a challenge for CI/CD tools, since they need to connect to such a variety of other … Continued

Parallel Maven Deployment with Jenkins and Artifactory

Parallel Maven Deployment with Jenkins and Artifactory

There are many reasons why you may want to use Artifactory as your Maven repository. For example, it allows tagging Maven artifacts with custom properties, so that they can later be found based on specific criteria. It stores build metadata about your artifacts, and allows controlling the repositories used by the Maven build, without modifying … Continued

Pipelines CI/CD and the JFrog Platform Difference

With the release of the JFrog DevOps Platform, we launched the first general availability of JFrog Pipelines, our powerful system for next-generation CI/CD. Pipelines’ many great features help make DevOps pipelines automation rapid, repeatable, and secure. With flexible runtime management, a robust DSL, and a real-time interactive UI, Pipelines is a muscular CI/CD solution we … Continued

Kubernetes CI/CD Pipelines at Scale

This blog was originally published by Kamesh Pemmaraju on the Platform9 Blog. Kubernetes orchestrates containers reliably at scale while abstracting the underlying infrastructure. Unlike Virtual Machines, this helps developers separate the workloads from the complexities of the infrastructure. Kubernetes is ideal for CI/CD automation because it offers many built-in capabilities that makes application deployment standardized … Continued

5 Best Practices for GoLang CI/CD

For developers programming in long-established languages like Java, JavaScript or Python, the best way to build continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows with Artifactory is pretty familiar. A mature set of dependency management systems for those languages and container solutions like Docker provide a clear roadmap. But if you’re programming your applications in GoLang, … Continued


Cloud Native CI/CD Pipelines using AWS CodeStar and JFrog Artifactory

Want to streamline your DevOps toolchain for a new project on the cloud? Want to manage, store, share, and version binary artifacts? It’s time to explore the composite solution offered by AWS CodeStar and JFrog Artifactory. When deciding to kick off a new project, technology companies and enterprise solution providers often run into walls when … Continued


Vulnerability Detection For Your CI/CD Pipeline with JFrog Xray

My previous blog post talked about discovering vulnerabilities in your dependencies directly from within your IDE. However, sometimes this approach discourages the developer from doing their work and consequently reduces their productivity. Let’s take a look at how you can continue to detect vulnerabilities, as early on in the CI/CD process as possible, without interfering … Continued


JFrog Xray CI/CD Integration Keeping Your Builds Safe

When was the last time you closed off a sprint, happily marking all user stories as DONE and uploaded the build to your staging environment only to find out the build was riddled with security vulnerabilities. Hmm…there’s a point for discussion in your sprint retrospective, and now it’s time to redo your sprint planning for … Continued