SwampUP Leap: Splunk’s DevOps and CI/CD Journey With JFrog

At swampUP2020 we were delighted to have a keynote interview with Splunk CTO & SVP Tim Tully. In this fireside chat Tim talks at length about how Splunk has evolved over the last two decades, and how he is driving technical innovation to equip customers far beyond log analytics. 

Being in Charge

Tim oversees everything tech at Splunk, including Product, Engineering, IT and Security. This includes a distributed team of 1,000 developers, spread across 100 or so scrum teams, supporting over 2,000 Splunk applications. Tim talks about his passion for coding and how he actually prefers sitting in the corner of a room of developers with his headphones on, staring at a terminal. 

The Road Ahead

As CTO, Tim owns the Splunk roadmap, a challenge he enjoys and grabs with both hands, as you’ll see when he delves into their new acquisitions and technologies and how they are applying them to expand the capabilities of their platform. 

Hear Tim describe some of the advances in machine learning that are breaking boundaries for real-time data processing, which now feature in their new Data Stream Processor. Plus, get a heads-up on some of their upcoming releases. 

Listen to TIm explain Splunk’s latest advances in observability and monitoring, including their innovations for monitoring microservices-oriented cloud applications running in a containerized Kubernetes environment. 

Immerse yourself in this talk and learn some interesting facts about Splunk, the world of DevOps and how JFrog and Splunk are aligned in supporting open source, and giving it back to the community.