DevOps Digital Transformation in 90 Days: Distribution

You’re digitally transforming yourself and your company in 90 days whether you like it or not. This is the new reality, as you find home office spaces (or lack of them), ways for kids to learn remotely, ways to conduct all of your family gatherings over a Zoom call, and more. This is also the … Continued

State of DevOps Cloud Solutions 2020

Every company claims to have a cloud/hybrid DevOps platform that enables and powers developers working remotely. Time to make order of the chaos.* In today’s digital age, software drives business innovation. The maturity, speed, quality, and security of your software delivery processes have become key differentiators in this software-driven economy. The COVID-19 reality has pushed … Continued

Pairing Atlassian and Artifactory for 360-Degree DevOps

In agile development, planning, coding, and builds are an ongoing loop. But when a circle is broken, you can’t travel it at full speed. For users of Atlassian Bitbucket Server and Jira, JFrog’s integrations can help Artifactory bridge the gaps for continuous velocity.  In a previous blog post, we discussed how to provide Jira information … Continued


Content-Driven Component Analysis

JFrog Xray was first released one year ago. Our first post about it highlighted what makes Xray more than just another security scanning tool. Over the last year, we have introduced more differentiating features like download blocking, integration with more security vulnerability providers like Aqua Security, BlackDuck, and integration with your CI/CD pipeline to keep your builds … Continued


Don’t Let the Maven Deploy Plugin Trip You Up

Apache Maven is a commonly used build tool. It has many cool features such as default processing steps that are included out of the box, and is particularly good for compiling and packaging Java code. But this blog post is not an introduction to Maven. There are plenty of great books that provide that, and … Continued

OpenShift with Artifactory: A Powerful PaaS with a JFrog Stack

[deprecated] This blog shows outdated content, please see this blog for the latest information. If you’re containerizing, cloudifying, and doing DevOps, you want your tools to work together nicely so you don’t have the headache of managing infrastructure. We are making it even easier to make your enterprise-grade devops environment work great with JFrog Artifactory … Continued


Closing the Release Velocity Gap with Datical and Artifactory

Many companies have already made the transformation to agile development methodologies and proudly show how they’ve managed to shorten their application release cycles significantly. But there’s one place where companies often falter in the process: their databases. They can’t update their database implementations as quickly as they update their applications creating a release velocity gap. … Continued


A Cloud Platform for Defragging Devops

Many software organizations see DevOps as the silver bullet that will streamline their delivery workflow to help them produce software faster than ever before. So they start looking into the tools they will need, and then reality hits like a jab to right cheek. It starts with source control, goes on to CI/CD systems and … Continued


Unleash the DevOps!

DevOps tools have come a long way. From virtual machines in dev and QA environments to those in production, and now Docker. The more we are charmed by the idea of hardware as a code, the crazier the things we are trying to do with it. Take the “immutable server” pattern as an example. In 2000, … Continued