Artifactory HA on GKE

Install Artifactory HA on GKE in a Flash

Installing Artifactory on GKE, or on any Kubernetes cluster for that matter, can be complex. You have to think through several scenarios, switch back and forth between UI and command line, create a lengthy Helm command, search for acceptable parameters … and so on. All this before you have to configure certificates, licenses, database settings, … Continued

Pairing Atlassian and Artifactory for 360-Degree DevOps

In agile development, planning, coding, and builds are an ongoing loop. But when a circle is broken, you can’t travel it at full speed. For users of Atlassian Bitbucket Server and Jira, JFrog’s integrations can help Artifactory bridge the gaps for continuous velocity.  In a previous blog post, we discussed how to provide Jira information … Continued

Got a Few Minutes? Install Artifactory Enterprise on Azure

Some things, like high-end coffee or enterprise technology, are worth working and waiting for. But if you can get quality without the effort or delay, wouldn’t you? Installing or updating a self-managed (BYOL), High Availability edition of JFrog Artifactory hosted in an Azure VM can be a complex, and time-consuming process. Instead, you can start … Continued

Parallel Maven Deployment with Jenkins and Artifactory

Parallel Maven Deployment with Jenkins and Artifactory

There are many reasons why you may want to use Artifactory as your Maven repository. For example, it allows tagging Maven artifacts with custom properties, so that they can later be found based on specific criteria. It stores build metadata about your artifacts, and allows controlling the repositories used by the Maven build, without modifying … Continued

Artifactory Powers MicroEJ Forge IoT Application Store

Thousands of devices means thousands of software components, metadata items, and builds. Coordinating all that data for an Internet of Things system requires a binaries manager built for reliability and scale. That’s the challenge that faced MicroEJ, a software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. MicroEJ Forge, recently unveiled at International CES, … Continued

Deploy Artifactory HA into AWS Using AWS Quick Starts

JFrog Artifactory As Your Repository Manager on AWS JFrog Artifactory Cloud on AWS is a hosted solution for developers and DevOps engineers that provides complete control, insight and binary management throughout the software development lifecycle. DevOps teams have transparency and control of their entire build and release process, all with the power of cloud-based development. … Continued

Charting Helm Hub Through Artifactory A great many Helm charts dot the landscape of the internet, and it can be hard to know about them all or their whereabouts. To help solve that, Helm created Helm Hub to provide a central catalog of the growing number of public Helm chart repositories.  Browsing the awesome Helm Hub UI, you can … Continued

Xray and DevSecOps

4 Ways Xray and Artifactory Complete DevSecOps

Being universal is a huge part of what makes JFrog Artifactory so effective. Whether you use Jenkins, CircleCI, or Bitbucket to automate your CI/CD pipeline, Artifactory works with those and more. Whether you prefer to store your artifacts in an on-premises filestore or in the cloud, Artifactory will manage them. Which cloud? Artifactory is content … Continued