Swampup Leap: Creating an Inner Source Hub at Siemens

In their presentation at the swampUp 2020 conference, IT service manager Marija Kuester and her team at Siemens AG revealed how they use JFrog Artifactory to deploy and scale their Inner Source Hub service, and meet the challenging needs of their key business stakeholders. In the recorded session, the Siemens team outlined the service architecture … Continued

swampUP 2020 JFrog Peer to Peer

Overcoming Continuous Delivery Challenges with P2P Distribution

DevOps adoption is happening by the largest organizations across the globe. At JFrog swampUP 2020, Gal Marder, VP of DevOps Acceleration and Shimi Bandiel, solution architect of the DevOps Acceleration team at JFrog, spoke about the new challenges encountered by many of these large organizations practicing DevOps when it comes to Continuous Delivery in their … Continued

SwampUP Leap: Splunk’s DevOps and CI/CD Journey With JFrog

At swampUP2020 we were delighted to have a keynote interview with Splunk CTO & SVP Tim Tully. In this fireside chat Tim talks at length about how Splunk has evolved over the last two decades, and how he is driving technical innovation to equip customers far beyond log analytics.  Being in Charge Tim oversees everything … Continued

Track JFrog Platform Performance with Datadog Analytics

Faithful operation of your JFrog Platform can be best assured by tracking usage data of Artifactory and Xray. With insights gained through real-time observability and log analytics, you can boost the efficiency of your DevOps pipeline and keep your software releases running joyfully. Datadog is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that is a popularly used … Continued

SwampUP Leap: AppsFlyer Transforms Its Artifact Management with Artifactory’s Single Source of Truth

At swampUP 2020, DevOps platform engineer Roman Roberman spoke about AppsFlyer’s need to gain control and automate their development environment.  AppsFlyer’s mobile app Attribution Analytics platform helps marketers measure and optimize their user acquisition funnel. Headquartered in San Francisco, AppsFlyer operates 18 global offices, and its platform is integrated with over 2,000 ad networks, including … Continued

SwampUP Leap: Salesforce’s Last Mile Delivery at Scale

At this year’s swampUP 2020 conference, we were fortunate to have several customers who showcased their skillful use of our products for achieving ambitious goals. One such session presentation was delivered by Navin Ramineni, Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Salesforce. For Navin, JFrog Artifactory is not just a repository manager.  It’s also a sophisticated distribution … Continued

Unified JFrog Platform Monitoring With Prometheus and Grafana

Running the JFrog DevOps Platform on Kubernetes in your enterprise can mean serving millions of artifacts to developers and customers each day. But operating at top performance requires being able to answer some vital questions. Like what is the most requested artifact? What is the most popular repo? Who are your heaviest users? For security, … Continued

JFrog at Capital One: Approved, Compliant Software Distribution at Enterprise DevOps Scale

Capital One continuously innovates when it comes to enterprise DevOps patterns and compliance at scale.During the recent swampUP 2020 conference, Wayne Chatelain, Sr. Manager, Software Engineer at Capital One, shared how they use the JFrog DevOps Platform to standardize on a central, production-approved software library – which Capital One calls the definitive library. This is … Continued

Stretch Your Reach with Unified JFrog Data and Elastic

  DevOps teams rely on Artifactory as the bread and butter tool of universal binary repo managers, but observing its operations can be challenging. With multiple high availability nodes and unification with Xray as the JFrog DevOps Platform, that operations data is spread out across logs for each service in the JFrog Platform deployment. Operations … Continued