OpenTofu support comes to JFrog Artifactory

opentofu support in jfrog artifactory

If you deploy container-based services in Kubernetes, chances are you’re also using infrastructure-as-code to help automate the provisioning and maintenance of the cloud environments where your applications will run. Up until recently, Terraform was “the name” in infrastructure-as-code. However, HashiCorp’s decision in the second half of 2023 to change Terraform from an open source license to a proprietary license sent many developers looking for alternatives, with OpenTofu garnering many supporters.

To provide for the OpenTofu community, we’ve expanded our Terraform repositories to work with the OpenTofu client and registry.

Before we touch on that, let’s do a quick recap on OpenTofu and its relation to Terraform.

What is OpenTofu?

OpenTofu is an open-source infrastructure-as-code tool. It’s a Terraform fork which was created as an initiative of multiple organizations and contributors in response to HashiCorp’s switch of Terraform from an open-source license to the BUSL.

OpenTofu is also a Linux Foundation project, which means it’ll remain free and open for all to use. In January 2024, the Linux Foundation announced that OpenTofu was generally available, meaning that it is now a production-ready project.

NOTE: We acknowledge the situation surrounding the removed block functionality in OpenTofu, which some claim was copied from Terraform. Artifactory’s support of OpenTofu is not indicative of a stance on this issue, but solely to better serve our customers and development community.

JFrog’s support of OpenTofu

As of version 7.81.0, Artifactory supports caching artifacts from the OpenTofu provider registry using the OpenTofu Client.

Because of the similarities and shared properties of OpenTofu and Terraform, organizations can leverage JFrog’s Terraform repositories for OpenTofu. All that’s required is toggling one setting in the “Set Me Up”  and you’re good to go.

Setting up a Terraform Client

The OpenTofu client also works with Artifactory’s Terraform BE repositories, allowing you to manage your state files in Artifactory as well.

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