Sean Pratt

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Sean leads Platform and DevOps Product Marketing at JFrog. A “Full Stack Marketer,” he’s previously worked at a wide range of technology startups from HR tech to Smart City/IoT. When not reading, writing, and learning about secure software supply chains, he’s spending time with his family, learning Python, and very occasionally playing on his Switch.

The Latest From Sean Pratt

  • The State of Software Supply Chain Security in 2024

    | 4 min read

    In today's fast-paced software development landscape, managing and securing the software supply chain is crucial for delivering reliable and trusted software releases. With that in mind, it’s important to assess whether your organization is set up to handle the continuous expansion of the open-source ecosystem and an ever-growing array of tools to incorporate into your…

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  • Improve Cloud Visibility with JFrog’s SaaS Log Streamer

    | 5 min read

    The beauty of deploying SaaS-based applications is that you don’t have to worry about building the infrastructure, hiring engineers to maintain it, staying on top of upgrades or worry about application security. Indeed, these are some of the main benefits you get by using a SaaS offering. However, the world of software is full of…

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  • Evolving ML Model Versioning

    | 9 min read

    TL;DR: JFrog’s ML Model Management capabilities, which help bridge the gap between AI/ML model development and DevSecOps, are now Generally Available and come with a new approach to versioning models that benefit Data Scientists and DevOps Engineers alike.  Model versioning can be a frustrating process with many considerations when taking models from Data Science to…

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