compare JFROG VS Sonatype
See why JFrog is the best option for managing and securing your software artifacts
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JFrog vs Sonatype Comparison
Hybrid & Multi-Cloud
Fine-Grained Role-Based Access Control
Simplified Project-Based Management
Enterprise-Grade Scalability & Reliability
Notorious for scaling issues
Pricing Model
Unlimited Users
Supported Technologies
32 Repository Types
18 Repository Types
3rd Party Package Repositories
Fully Supported Technologies Across Remote & Virtual Repositories, High Availability and Replication
Efficient storage management & deduplication
Multi-site replication & federation
Build Info - SBOM creation at Build Time
Build Promotion
Advanced pipeline automation
Distribute to Runtime Environments & Devices
Distribute to Ecosystem Download Centers
Distribute to Remote Development Sites
Holistic Software Composition Analysis
Expert security research team
Quick impact analysis with traceability
IDE Integration
Integration into Git repositories
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Scanning
Exposed Secrets Detection
Detection of Insecure use of Libraries and Services
Remediation Prioritization with Contextual Analysis
Operational Risk Analysis
Update, control, monitor and secure remote Linux & IoT devices as first class citizens of DevOps
Considerations when choosing Sonatype
  • It’s been over two years since Sonatype last updated their comparison page against JFrog, and the information is not up to date and contains several inaccuracies.
  • Sonatype focuses a lot of its criticism on JFrog’s support team, however the facts speak for themselves:
    • JFrog has an industry-leading support team, which is highly professional and proficient in our products.
    • JFrog is the only DevOps vendor to offer HTS support.
    • Our average response time is 2 hours for critical cases, and 23 hours for non-critical and for non-paying customers.
    • Over 100 support engineers with open calendars according to the customer’s schedule.
    • Most cases are scheduled within the same day.