See Where Containers Travel with Portshift and Artifactory

Please welcome our technology partner Portshift, with this informative article that has also been posted on the Portshift company website. DevOps engineers often struggle with making their complete pipeline for Docker containers fully visible and traceable. Even after they succeed in mapping and controlling the CI/CD pipeline, there remains a gap between the pipeline and … Continued

How JFrog Makes Anthos DevOps Bloom

It must be spring, because Google has sprouted flowers, and JFrog is helping with the bouquet. At this year’s GCP Next, Google announced the rollout of Anthos (the Greek word for “flowers”), a powerful service to build and manage a modern hybrid cloud. With Anthos (formerly Cloud Services Platform), your choices in a computing platform … Continued

Two Tastes of Artifactory on Google Cloud Marketplace

When you’ve chosen Google Cloud Platform for your cloud DevOps environment, which flavor of JFrog Artifactory suits you best? Do you crave an artifact repository manager that you manage yourself and works with GKE? Or does a SaaS account managed by JFrog on GCP better satisfy your need? Two new ways to get Artifactory through … Continued

Guest Blog: Deploying JFrog Artifactory with Nutanix Karbon

Anyone working with containers and Kubernetes knows the value of a rock-solid container registry. We’ll show you how to deploy JFrog Artifactory Enterprise in a highly available configuration as a Kubernetes Docker registry with Nutanix Karbon. This enterprise-grade Kubernetes Certified distribution by Nutanix simplifies the provisioning, operations and lifecycle management of Kubernetes with a native … Continued

Pipes for JFrog

Pipes for JFrog, a Fitting Match for BitBucket Pipelines

Many users of Atlassian Bitbucket already choose JFrog Artifactory as their artifact repository with Xray as their DevSecOps tool to bring certainty and trust to the binaries in their software delivery pipelines. With Atlassian’s launch of Pipes for Bitbucket Pipelines, it’s easy for developers to manage their software releases from code through testing and release. … Continued

Enterprise Cloud DevOps on Azure is Clicks Away

Enterprise Cloud DevOps on Azure is Clicks Away

A self-managed (BYOL) deployment of Artifactory High Availability hosted in your Azure environment can help your cloud DevOps function with the scalability, performance, and security of an enterprise-grade system. But it takes the right supporting resources and configuration to be installed with it to operate effectively. Fortunately, we’ve now made the chore a lot easier, … Continued

Herd Trust Into Your Rancher Labs Multi-Cloud Strategy with Artifactory

DevOps engineers have grown so reliant on the power and scalability of Kubernetes (K8s) clusters that one server platform can seldom accommodate them all. More and more enterprises now run their containerized applications in clusters across multiple platforms at once, in public clouds and on-prem servers. That can fuel a chaotic stampede in an enterprise-class … Continued

JFrog Artifactory on GCP

Tips and Best Practices for Developing with Artifactory on GCP

Hosting infrastructure on cloud-based services is becoming a standard in the tech industry. This comes as no surprise as multifaceted solutions for efficiency are the driving advantages of moving to the cloud. More specifically, some of the reasons that leave cloud solutions at an advantage include flexibility, cost and easier maintenance, allowing the team to … Continued

Sonarqube and Artifactory

Fully Automated Promotion Pipelines with SonarQube and Artifactory

This blog post is co-authored by Jonathan Roquelaure of JFrog and Fabrice Bellingard of SonarSource, and co-posted on the SonarSource blog Our previous blog post showed how to connect Artifactory and SonarQube to help make better decisions when it comes to deploying or delivering good quality software. With a pretty simple script added to your … Continued