Leaping Forward With Our Partners: JFrog Unveils Tech Partner Program

We’re delighted to announce the freshly-updated JFrog Technology Partner Program, a powerful initiative that will elevate our already large and vibrant ecosystem of integration partners and strengthen JFrog’s “too integrated to fail” commitment to its customers and the DevOps community.

The program is a natural next step for JFrog. As we have grown and systematically built our uniquely comprehensive and extensible JFrog DevOps Platform, technology integration opportunities have multiplied, driven by customer feedback and partner collaboration.

With this program, we’ll offer everything you’d expect from this type of initiative — product training and education, marketing resources, sales support, and technical assistance — but with a special focus on empowering partners to thrive in the hyper-competitive and dynamic DevOps market.

Fueled by JFrog’s commitment to technology openness and interoperability, the program will further streamline and enhance partners’ ability to integrate their offerings with our end-to-end, fully hybrid and universal JFrog DevOps Platform.

The program will generate innovative solutions for our joint customers, so they have more and more technology flexibility and freedom of choice, and can thus expand their DevOps initiatives, which generate the applications and digital services that drive their business. 

The program will also benefit the DevOps community at large by multiplying the efforts to “liquify software” and simplify how software flows from development to production.

Partner Benefits

Let’s look in more detail at the benefits the program will deliver to JFrog integration partners, which range from providers of open source tools to vendors of enterprise applications. 

The program offers partners a community of peers, a technology hub, and a platform for growing their business, so that they can increase their profitability through joint go-to-market activities, and raise their technology and brand awareness.

To help partners integrate their products with the JFrog Platform, JFrog will offer them technical training, cloud instances, APIs and developer support. This will yield joint solutions whose technology benefits and advances differentiate them from competing options in the market.

Partners will also boost their growth by gaining visibility among the thousands of customers — including the majority of the Fortune 100 companies — that rely on JFrog to accelerate and manage their software delivery pipelines.

A self-service partner portal will offer partners a streamlined, central hub for their JFrog activities, including technology integration efforts, customer engagements, business initiatives, training requests, documentation access, and joint promotions.

Customer Benefits

Thanks to the program, customers will experience a continuous stream of innovation from the JFrog partner ecosystem, with freedom of choice of preferred tools in areas including

  • CI/CD
  • Issue tracking and testing
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Automation
  • Storage
  • Runtime environments
  • Networking
  • Security and compliance
  • Identity management
  • IT services and management

The broad swath of solutions generated by program members will be unparalleled in its scope, variety and quality, anchored by the JFrog DevOps Platform and its end-to-end DevOps capabilities, including distribution, package management, software composition analysis, license compliance solutions, and automation and orchestration tools — for cloud, on premises and hybrid environments.

Become a Member. It’s Easy!

For IT and ISV vendors interested in joining the JFrog Technology Partner Program, the process is as seamless as our integrations. 

Apply today!