Announcing the New JFrog Partner Program! The Evolving Tech Landscape Requires Agile Partnership Strategies

Announcing the New JFrog Partner Program

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, as the saying goes. So why do we, in the tech industry, continue to look at our partnerships, incentives and processes the same way we have for 20 years?

I hear all the time how complicated partnerships are and how embarking on new partnerships is like trying to understand governmental tax codes. And managing many partnerships at once? Nearly impossible.

This is why I’m proud to announce the launch of JFrog’s new channel partner program, designed specifically to make technology accessible for your customers, and simplifying the way you think about go-to-market motions.

What’s so different about JFrog’s program?

No Upfront Costs

Why do other folks ask for investments up front before anyone has recognized value? We think that’s just plain wrong, and are proud to partner with you without asking you for any up-front costs. With JFrog, there’s no cover charge. We want to get things moving for you and your customers.

We Work Alongside You

Partnering means, well, partnering. From the moment you become a partner, a dedicated partner manager will work with you to optimize your journey with us and to make you successful. Want to know who to talk to or what to do next? That’s why the team is here with no extra hoops to jump through or faceless aliases to work with.

Sales and Tech Support Included

Tech is always changing and it’s hard to have expertise in every area. We’ll help by providing sales and supportive staff for every qualified customer opportunity. You’re the face of your business, and we want to back you up with real support, not just documentation and a “good luck.”  At JFrog, we take things very personally and treat our partners like our own sales team. It’s a culture that makes JFrog, JFrog.

Partner Enablement

Some companies only do generic sales enablement and want you to get on board. Not here! We curate specific training and enablement for you as part of our commitment to your education. Your sales, marketing and technical teams all have the opportunity to learn about JFrog’s products and how to take them to your customers, often by working together first-hand with real on the job training.

Say Goodbye to MDF Management

Let’s face it, we love free money, but MDF means you have to hire someone just to track the MDF budget, reimbursement, and more. It’s a pain. How about we help each other sell better and throw the complexity out the window? No complicated processes. No keeping the receipts, and no reporting on your activities to get some cash back. Just straightforward partnering and selling. We will give you opportunities to plug into JFrog’s campaigns and drive new business together through the very same campaigns we’re building for our customers.

No More “Sell It and Forget It”

We want you to be there for the long haul with your customers, and let you stay in the forefront as their trusted partner. This is why we built incentives that think about you from the beginning and after that initial sale, so that you can continue to advise and bring our latest offerings, and help your customers meet their needs as they grow.

Making Co-sell Easy

Onboarding and getting educated is all simple with JFrog. Co-selling isn’t a nightmare, it’s our privilege to help you. Our approach is to give you the resources you need to engage your customers, and to bring us in as it helps you. Every time. Opportunities are easy to submit, and it gives you and your customers the flexibility to sell, bill and renew in the ways most comfortable for everyone.

I’m excited about the opportunities for our industry ahead, and look forward to working with all of you! More details can be found at: Apply now, and see how easy it can be to have a real partnership with real results that solves real customer issues!