swampUP Announcements. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

New announcements at swampUP JFrog Product Announcements: JFrog Xray:  JFrog Xray is the first universal impact analysis product, giving organizations an unparalleled level of understanding about all of their container images, software packages and binary artifacts, even with the huge volume and variety of components that development teams share in the software build and distribution … Continued

Process is Critical So Are the Systems of Record.

You probably read the awesome post in the Netflix Engineering Tools team blog about the build process that Netflix uses to continuously deploy the service that streams movies and TV shows to more than 75 million global Netflix members. And while the post concentrates on the build process – the build tool, the CI server and the … Continued

swampUP 2016: JFrog User Conference

The JFrog User Conference, affectionately known as “swampUP”, is a yearly event where developers and DevOps come together to talk, network, learn from industry visionaries, and…enjoy an endless flow of fine food and wine (who said learning can’t be fun). Last year’s one-day event was so successful (here are some pictures), and generated so much … Continued