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Why you need Security and Compliance

Strong competition and the relentless drive to be the best is driving companies from all industries to write better code… faster. This is true whether you’re a tech giant, a software startup or even a fast food chain. Something as little as a poor choice of user interface, a clunky menu or a slow loading app can make a once happy customer look at a competitor.

Open Source Software

To mitigate that, companies are now writing more code, hiring more developers and expanding their software footprint. The only way developers can keep up, is to use Open Source Software (OSS) to accelerate development. This makes perfect sense when looking to speed up the coding process. In fact this has become the norm among enterprises, and you will find up to 90% open source components in today’s applications.

vulnerabilities and license compliance

On one hand open source and 3rd party software is great for time-to-market reasons, but on the other hand it can open up your code base to potential security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. Because the code is open source, it means anyone can download and analyze it for any potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities they can look to exploit. There are different types of security tools that help identify and eliminate vulnerabilities from your code, and they work in slightly different ways:

  • Static Code Analysis (Examining source code before a program is run)
  • Dynamic Code Analysis (Analyzing an application during its execution)
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA) (Analyzing 3rd party OSS components & dependencies)

An important consideration for compliance is that if open source license types are not carefully monitored and managed, and you mix code whose licenses are contradictory and can make it nearly impossible to create new software versions without violating the requirements of at least one of the licenses.

Benefits of UNIVERSAL Software composition analysis

Software Composition Analysis

Software Composition Analysis solutions ensure the security and compliance of open source and 3rd party software used in your applications. JFrog Xray is a Universal Software Composition Analysis solution, which takes care of managing the process of indexing, scanning and reporting on any vulnerabilities or license violations in your artifacts, packages, builds and Docker images.

Universal Package Type Support

JFrog Xray is able to index and scan all major package types like npm, Go, Python, Docker, Maven and Nuget; making it very versatile, especially for companies with multiple projects and developers using many different programming languages. With Xray being able to integrate across the whole SDLC, it enables virtually real-time feedback for developers, enabling ‘shift-left’ and fail fast agility. It is universal not only in terms of package type support, but also agnostic with your DevOps ecosystem. It can be integrated into your unique ecosystem easily because of its full REST API and support for the JFrog CLI. 

The JFrog Platform

JFrog Xray is part of the JFrog Platform – an end-to-end automated DevOps platform, perfectly positioned to manage, orchestrate and deliver trusted software releases. The JFrog Platform integrates all of the JFrog products together in one unified user experience with a shared data model. The JFrog Platform therefore becomes the single source of truth for all your artifact metadata across your CI/CD pipeline, including security and compliance status. 

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XRAY Features and Benefits

Here are some of the main features of JFrog Xray that make it an excellent software composition analysis choice for ensuring trusted releases:


Universal Security & Compliance

Supports all major package types and understands how to unpack them and scan them for vulnerabilities and license issues
Deep Recursive Scanning

Deep Recursive Scanning

Xray sees into all the underlying layers & dependencies of components, even those packaged in Docker images, and zip files

Native Artifactory Integration

The most deeply integrated SCA solution for Artifactory with a single pane of glass view of all artifact metadata including security and compliance status

Visibility and Impact Analysis

Xray creates a component graph of your artifact and dependency structure as it scans, giving unprecedented visibility to determine the impact of any issues discovered

Software Development Lifecycle Ready

Continuous protection across your pipeline with integration into your IDE and build tools Easy automation with your tools ecosystem, using an extensive REST API and flexible CLI Continuous monitoring of artifacts for issues even those post production

Leading Vulnerability Intelligence

Gain confidence with the most timely and comprehensive vulnerability intelligence - VulnDB Connect other metadata sources of vulnerabilities, license compliance & component versions

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