Pipelines CI/CD Completes Cloud DevOps on Azure

For a complete JFrog DevOps SaaS solution hosted on Azure, the puzzle is now complete. JFrog DevOps Pipelines CI/CD is now available for all JFrog Cloud plan levels hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud service

With Pipelines automation, now all the key elements of the JFrog DevOps Platform can be hosted on Azure as a SaaS subscription. That includes the Artifactory universal binary repository manager, and Xray software component analysis. Together, these three components form a powerful system that can drive continuous software production and deployment from commit to cluster.

Your Cloud, Your Choice

If you’re an Azure user, this gives you the power to work where you prefer to work, in the cloud service of your choice. Your JFrog Platform will make use of the same Azure compute and storage resources that your organization has already committed to, and you can easily integrate with other tools like VS Code. With support for Docker and Helm, you can speedily build and deliver your containerized apps into AKS clusters.

Hosting on Azure can also be a vital part of your hybrid strategy, empowering you to operate both on-prem and in Azure as security and regulatory needs demand. Or, with JFrog’s other cloud service options, you can enable a multi-cloud strategy to avoid lock-in with a single cloud provider.

The Pipelines CI/CD Advantage

JFrog Pipelines is a next-generation CI/CD automation and orchestration tool that embraces and enhances your pipeline processes by providing a centralized command and control mechanism across all your DevOps Pipelines. Cloud native application delivery is made simpler with advanced capabilities for container-based software production.

Pipelines As Code

Define your automated workflow using a domain specific language in a YAML file that you can create and maintain with your favorite text editor.  

Native Steps

Pre-packaged declarative steps for the most common operations, such as building and pushing Docker images and deploying with Helm, eliminate complex scripting. Pipelines native steps naturally integrate with Artifactory and Xray for maintaining metadata and security scanning.
Pipelines CI/CD for Docker Build and Push


Out-of-the-box integrations join Pipelines easily to common DevOps tools. Connect to your Git repositories to automatically trigger execution on any new commit. Connect to popular tools for storage, issue-tracking, notification, orchestration and more.

Pipelines CI/CD integrations


Fine-grained permission controls can limit access to pipelines and connected services. Centralized secret management keeps your credentials for those services secure.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time interactive dashboards help you see the flow of tasks and their interdependencies, as well as view the success record of all runs.

Pipelines CI/CD UI

Enterprise Ready

Use the practically infinite scalability of Azure to support thousands of users and pipelines in a single installation. Use the dynamic build node pools set up for you by default to contain cloud computing costs.

Get Started

You can try the JFrog Platform on Azure, including Pipelines, with a free cloud subscription. Just select Microsoft Azure as your cloud provider, and your DevOps platform will be deployed for you right away!

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