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The JFrog Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure gives developers and DevOps engineers complete control, insight and management of binary artifacts throughout the software development lifecycle. Providing transparency and control over the entire build and release process, The JFrog Platform on Microsoft Azure enables all the power of cloud-based development.

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Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
VS Code
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure Devops
Azure DevOps
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Azure Active Directory
Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
Use JFrog with ARM to manage and deploy resources using infrastructure as code. ARM provides a consistent deployment and management service across your different tools, including JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray. You can get the ARM template for Artifactory and Xray from the Azure Marketplace. Learn more about ARM template integration with Artifactory and Xray.
VS Code
Shift left with security all the way by scanning for vulnerabilities directly within Visual Studio. The JFrog Visual Studio Extension adds JFrog Xray scanning of NuGet project dependencies to your Visual Studio IDE. You can identify vulnerabilities as early in the development cycle as possible to save time and costs with early detection to avoid vulnerable deployments. You can get this extension from the extensions menu within Visual Studio.
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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
You can run your JFrog DevOps tools on the same K8s platform you use for your applications. JFrog Artifactory is the most proven binary repository for your container images. JFrog’s DevOps tools give developers and DevOps engineers complete control, insight and management of binary artifacts throughout the software development lifecycle.
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Azure DevOps
JFrog products are integrated with Azure DevOps so that you can choose the services you need to complement your existing workflows on Azure. The JFrog Artifactory extension for Azure DevOps supports resolving your build dependencies from Artifactory, deploying your build artifacts to Artifactory, and gaining full traceability of your builds by capturing your build-info from your builds and publishing to Artifactory.
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Azure Active Directory (AAD)
The JFrog DevOps Platform on Azure makes it easy to integrate with Azure Active Directory for managing user access and enabling single sign-on to JFrog Artifactory. You can easily configure your connection between Artifactory and Azure Active Directory using a step-by-step user interface. Gain the benefits of Artifactory without switching to a different enterprise identity management service.
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Supported environment

Why Cloud ?

JFrog cloud solutions are readily available via the Azure Marketplace allowing for seamless use. This solution can scale as your business grows and will increase the efficiency of your DevOps processes.

With JFrog Platform’s enterprise scalability and Azure’s autoscaling, there are no limits for meeting your usage needs.
Rapid Deployment
JFrog has multiple product offerings available on the Azure marketplace that are just a couple of clicks away. They are cloud-ready and do not require maintenance on your end.
All users of JFrog cloud will be working with the same version as updates happen seamlessly via the cloud creating no compatibility issues.
Why Hybrid?

Use JFrog products on either your on-prem infrastructure or on Azure. Move JFrog products whenever you want, wherever you want.

You can scale your Azure cloud footprint or on-prem hardware as needed and integrate your JFrog products on either.
JFrog's products running either on Azure or on-prem function the same way 100% of the time, so you can easily move them during your migration or scaling.
Whether you’re testing Azure or fully migrating, JFrog products will work seamlessly and the team at JFrog can assist you on your journey.
Why Multi-Cloud?

If Microsoft Azure is a part of your multi-cloud strategy, JFrog has a solution for you. The JFrog Platform provides an elastic workspace that gives the same user experience for your multi-cloud strategy. You can pair different parts of your DevOps tool chain with your choice of cloud provider.

Avoid Lock-In
You can move users across clouds without losing features or changing the user’s experience.
Any JFrog Product on Any Cloud
You can pick and choose which of JFrog's products you want split between your multi-cloud environments.
Designed for multi-cloud from the ground up
JFrog products are designed for DevOps practices that deliver continuous software releases from any source to any destination.


Microsoft partner network
"Together with JFrog, we want to help companies develop software as fast as possible. We understand the need to quickly develop, test, and deploy software and applications, and with JFrog Artifactory, we are providing global enterprises with a robust cloud computing service."
Shelly Landsmann, GM of Microsoft Israel


node js
Companies developing with Node.js are no exception with over 250 million packages being downloaded from npmjs.org on a monthly basis2. Artifactory is a Binary Repository Manager that manages all packages within your organization, whether developed in-house, downloaded from npmjs.org or downloaded from other 3rd party resources.
Artifactory provides full support for managing npm packages and ensures optimal and reliable access to npmjs.org. Aggregating multiple npm registries under a virtual repository Artifactory provides access to all your npm packages through a single URL for both upload and download.
Npm registry
JFrog Artifactory is your Kubernetes Registry and can be used to store and manage all of your container application images, deploy to Kubernetes, and also setup a build, test, and deploy pipeline using Jenkins and Artifactory.
Kubernetes registry
Docker Logo
Artifactory places no limitations and lets you set up any number of Docker registries, through the use of local, remote and virtual Docker repositories, and works transparently with the Docker client to manage all your Docker images, whether created internally or downloaded from remote Docker resources such as Docker Hub.
Docker registry
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As a Maven repository, JFrog Artifactory is both a source for artifacts needed for a build, and a target to deploy artifacts generated in the build process.
Maven repositry
JFrog offers an end-to-end solution covering the full lifecycle of your PyPI packages to manage development, vulnerability analysis and artifact flow control.
Python repository



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