eBook – Leapfrog to the Future of DevOps

The Early Majority Moves to the Cloud

Two numbers are shaking the foundations of business:

Majority of users is moving to the cloud

What do these two figures mean to your business? They mean that, odds are your competitive landscape is irrevocably changed — already.

To start, expectations for delivery speed for new products, services, and everything are faster. The new table stakes in the DevOps world have raised the bar on collaboration, cross-organizational visibility, efficiency, even company culture. Another thing these two simple stats mean is that most businesses are already there, or heading there now.

So, the question is, how will you keep your delivery speeds out ahead of them with zero downtime?

We have an answer for you. JFrog is in the business of delivering quicker ways to more innovation, and in this e-book we’ll share with you some of our best ideas to put you in the fast lane.

DevOps and the Cloud: A Natural Pair

Let’s start with DevOps.

Forrester Research dubbed 2018 the year of DevOps. And it’s no wonder, with over half of enterprises implementing or expanding existing DevOps practices. So why are they doing that? Here are a few good reasons to consider it.


  • Greater productivity and faster delivery of products
  • Greater visibility and collaboration across projects, departments, and individuals
  • Less siloing of workflows for more agile processes

So, DevOps removes friction; and as a practical environment for DevOps, the cloud just makes sense.


  • Greater flexibility
  • Rapid deployment of new environments
  • Reduced IT costs through subscription and SaaS (pay as you go) payment structures
  • Moving from CapEx expenditures for hardware to OpEx expenses for SaaS
  • Fast, agile scalability

So why the urgency to make these innovations? The truth is, they’re not really innovative anymore. it’s already happened. The bar has been raised and you need a new edge.

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