Track JFrog Platform Performance with Datadog Analytics

Faithful operation of your JFrog Platform can be best assured by tracking usage data of Artifactory and Xray. With insights gained through real-time observability and log analytics, you can boost the efficiency of your DevOps pipeline and keep your software releases running joyfully. Datadog is a SaaS-based data analytics platform that is a popularly used … Continued

Unified JFrog Platform Monitoring With Prometheus and Grafana

Running the JFrog DevOps Platform on Kubernetes in your enterprise can mean serving millions of artifacts to developers and customers each day. But operating at top performance requires being able to answer some vital questions. Like what is the most requested artifact? What is the most popular repo? Who are your heaviest users? For security, … Continued

Stretch Your Reach with Unified JFrog Data and Elastic

  DevOps teams rely on Artifactory as the bread and butter tool of universal binary repo managers, but observing its operations can be challenging. With multiple high availability nodes and unification with Xray as the JFrog DevOps Platform, that operations data is spread out across logs for each service in the JFrog Platform deployment. Operations … Continued

Unified JFrog Log Analytics With Splunk

We work best by coming together. That’s why we built the JFrog DevOps Platform, bringing together our set of solutions to operate as a single, unified user experience. That unity powered by Artifactory 7 helps bring total understanding and control of your software build pipelines. To keep it running, you also need a unified, real-time … Continued


Love Your Logs. It Pays Off

“My Artifactory won’t start”; “I see some lag”; “My artifacts are missing”; “I get issues when Jenkins tries to pull/deploy artifacts”; “I am getting 404 / 401/ 403/ 500 /409” … These are just a few of the common issues I hear from our customers. Very basic issues; right? We can triage them in a … Continued

Repository Log Analytics At Your Fingertips

Friday, late afternoon, and everything seems to be running smoothly. The weekend is just around the corner, so you lean back in your chair and start to plan all the fun you’re going to have. Suddenly, your phone screen lights up. An instant message from your boss that says, “Hey, some of the developers are … Continued