IDC LINK: JFrog Introduces New Software Supply Chain Security Capabilities

As software becomes increasingly complex, the need to secure the software supply chain becomes more important — and more difficult. 

But how can businesses address the challenges of securing their software supply chain? The International Data Corporation (IDC) offers critical insight.

Following the release of JFrog Advanced Security on October 18, 2022 – the world’s first binary-focused DevSecOps solution — IDC provided key takeaways on JFrog’s new software supply chain security capabilities. Here’s a sampling of what to expect.

What did IDC think of JFrog Advanced Security release?

1. JFrog offers a compelling solution to simplify businesses’ security tooling

Many enterprises want to simplify their security tooling with platforms that provide a comprehensive approach to DevSecOps and software supply chain security. JFrog offers a compelling solution to meet this need.

What are the security solutions included in the new release? Find out in the full IDC commentary.

2. The importance of securing the software supply chain can’t be overstated

The security of an organization’s software supply chain is essential. When supply chain attacks go undetected, software producers and consumers are significantly impacted. JFrog’s comprehensive approach to software supply chain security provides organizations with the tools and visibility they need to secure their applications. 

Are you aware of the risks your company takes when neglecting software security? Here’s why IDC thinks organizations should consider JFrog Advanced Security.

3. Existing customers should explore how to integrate Advanced Security capabilities

JFrog Advanced Security augments Xray with many new capabilities, all connected to supply chain threats. Existing JFrog customers should explore how to integrate these new capabilities into their current DevOps pipelines ASAP. Organizations that aren’t already using JFrog’s tools should consider doing so. 
We bet you’re wondering how JFrog helps businesses protect their codebase from vulnerabilities? These are IDC’s commentary.

4. Advanced Security features will strengthen JFrog’s position in the DevSecOps market

JFrog’s announcement comes at a time when the market for these solutions is rapidly growing and evolving. Several factors, including the increasing use of open source software by organizations of all sizes, are driving this rapid growth. 

Wondering how your business is a part of this growth or how this growth affects your business? Don’t skip IDC’s commentary. It might cost you your software security. Find out here.