We’re Bringing Cloud DevOps to Government Clouds on AWS and Azure

Helping software producers achieve compliance with regulatory requirements has been a huge part of our focus at JFrog. That’s why many in the most regulated industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, and retail are our customers for DevOps.

We’re excited to announce that JFrog DevOps Platform solutions – JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray – are now available with native deployment templates for customers using AWS GovCloud (US) and Azure Government clouds.

Governance for Government

Cloud environments from AWS and Azure each provide the computing infrastructure that enables government agencies, contractors, and others to adhere to strict regulatory requirements such as ITAR, FedRAMP DFARS, and DoD (SRG) Impact Levels. Protection for sensitive unclassified data files through encryption and key management helps ensure security compliance, along with auditing and monitoring features.

These newly available offerings from JFrog provide customers in regulated industries serving U.S federal, state and local governments with the ability to perform a native, simple, and secure installation in these secured, compliant environments. Using a JFrog self-hosted license, software producers required to work in these secure clouds can accelerate their DevOps adoption at scale.

The JFrog Platform Difference

Enterprise DevOps, and in particular DevOps for U.S. government and regulated environments, requires solutions that support the scale, security, compliance and management requirements of these demanding organizations.

JFrog Artifactory is the universal software packages management and container registry solution, while JFrog Xray provides continuous security and compliance management for open source security vulnerabilities and license scanning. JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray are both part of the JFrog DevOps Platform

Together, Artifactory and Xray are the backbone for enterprises’ DevSecOps efforts and continuous software delivery at scale. Their availability on the AWS and Azure secure government clouds enables even more organizations to move toward a future of Liquid Software: where software updates flow seamlessly and securely from developers to any device without delays, downtime, or security risk.

How to Get Started

These self-hosted offerings require a JFrog Enterprise subscription license for a BYOL installation. Once deployed, customers can provide their JFrog Enterprise subscriptions’ license key(s) to leverage the enterprise-grade capabilities.

To deploy JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray on the government clouds:

AWS GovCloud

AWS GovCloud customers can use the AWS Marketplace to quickly deploy JFrog’s solutions in the US East and US West regions.

Azure Government

Azure Government customers can deploy  JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray  from the Azure Marketplace, on any of the following three regions of Azure Government: Arizona, Virginia and Texas.

A World of Choices

These government cloud offerings are only the latest set of options available for the JFrog DevOps Platform, a fully cloud nimble set of unified solutions that can support both hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure at the scale you need.

The JFrog Platform is offered either as a self-hosted (BYOL) solution that customers can install on-premises or on a cloud service, or as a SaaS subscription offered on all public clouds. JFrog already offers its solutions  – encompassing all the platform capabilities for large-scale software delivery – on AWS, Azure and GCP, across 18 cloud regions including Private Instances. 

This recent addition of BYOL and easy deployment across these government clouds provides large organizations the deployment options they need for highly-regulated, secured work.

Now more than ever, wherever you need JFrog to be, we can be there to help you succeed in DevOps.