5 Steps to Starting DevOps with a JFrog Free Subscription

The JFrog Free subscription is a SaaS cloud offering of the JFrog DevOps Platform that provides software developers, DevOps Engineers, System Administrators and students a sandbox environment to explore solutions to common DevOps challenges.  Here are examples of common DevOps challenges, where having a free subscription to the JFrog Platform helps: Job roles transitions Starting … Continued

We’re Bringing Cloud DevOps to Government Clouds on AWS and Azure

Helping software producers achieve compliance with regulatory requirements has been a huge part of our focus at JFrog. That’s why many in the most regulated industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, and retail are our customers for DevOps. We’re excited to announce that JFrog DevOps Platform solutions – JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray – are … Continued

Cloud Native CI/CD: The Ultimate Checklist

Choosing a software solution means checking the right boxes, and being “cloud native” has bubbled to the top of most lists. But cloud native is a box built of boxes of its own. For a CI/CD solution like JFrog Pipelines, cloud native starts by being “born in the cloud” to natively execute in, build for, … Continued

A Two-Way Jira Speedway, the JFrog Artifactory App

The path between two clouds ought to be a speedy two-way street. That’s the DevOps pipeline principle behind the JFrog Artifactory App for Jira, which forges a traceable link between your issues in Jira Cloud and your builds in Artifactory on the JFrog DevOps Platform for cloud.  Bringing Issue Tracking to your DevOps Pipeline Once … Continued

Distribute Software Releases Globally with JFrog on AWS

Release management is a topic that leaders in DevOps teams should be concerned with as organizations move toward implementing systems of automated continuous deployment. The practice will make your organization more efficient, but how do you implement it?   Modernizing your infrastructure for the cloud is essential to distributing trusted releases globally. Many enterprises choose AWS … Continued

JFrog Pipelines 1.6: Overcoming CI/CD Obstacles to Scaling DevOps

Long release cycles are no longer viable in the world of software development. The promise of DevOps has been to materially shrink time to value. Like most meaningful transitions, this one hasn’t always been a simple flip of a switch. For many organizations, development teams have become complex and unwieldy. So, the custodians of DevOps … Continued

State of DevOps Cloud Solutions 2020

Every company claims to have a cloud/hybrid DevOps platform that enables and powers developers working remotely. Time to make order of the chaos.* In today’s digital age, software drives business innovation. The maturity, speed, quality, and security of your software delivery processes have become key differentiators in this software-driven economy. The COVID-19 reality has pushed … Continued