Amplify Artifactory and Distribution Changes Through PagerDuty

When automated software delivery runs smoothly, it can whisper, and quietly attend to itself. But when your delivery and distribution pipeline runs into a problem, it must shout. Boosting the volume of Artifactory and Distribution change events and issues through PagerDuty can help ensure they’re heard by everyone whose job it is to monitor your software delivery pipeline.

JFrog’s latest addition to the family of PagerDuty Integration Partner Program’s verified integrations brings ITSM visibility of key change events in your Artifactory repository manager and software distribution release delivery manager to teams using the PagerDuty platform.

Applications you build using the JFrog Platform can be distributed seamlessly to users around the world through Artifactory. By creating Distribution release bundles of artifacts and distributing to target Artifactory Edge nodes, they can be deployed to thousands of global customers and millions of runtime environments at lightning speed.

Your company’s end users can be critically impacted by downtime when delivery and distribution of the applications and updates they need encounter roadblocks. You may have an on-call team to monitor and keep the application running in production. By connecting your JFrog Platform to PagerDuty, you can amplify Artifactory and Distribution event alerts in real time. This can be useful to:

  • Respond to distribution issues
  • Notify when release bundles are created or changed
  • Log release bundle distribution
  • Monitor promotion progress through the SDLC
  • Alert on changes to mission-critical components
  • Flag improper use of repositories
  • Enforce best DevOps practices

When combined with JFrog integrations for Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Pipelines DevOps automation, incident response teams can gain full visibility into your entire software development life cycle.

Connect to DevOps Artifact Change Events

Artifactory’s functionality for automated notification empowers you to define webhooks for key repository events. For all JFrog subscription levels, these include:

Artifacts (deployed, deleted, moved, copied)
Artifact Properties (added, deleted)
Docker Tags (pushed, deleted, promoted)
Builds (uploaded, promoted, deleted)

For Enterprise+ level customers, these Distribution events can also trigger webhook notification:

Release Bundles (created, signed, deleted, started, completed, failed, received)
Distribution Events (started, created, failed, deletion started/completed/failed)

Inside the JFrog Platform, you can create a webhook for any of these events, and direct it to be delivered to the PagerDuty service’s recent activity timelines enabled by the integration.

In this way, your teams have the freedom to monitor their JFrog-powered DevOps and delivery processes according to their needs.

For complete information on setting up and using the PagerDuty integration, read the full documentation.

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Bringing DevOps and ITSM together

Once a PagerDuty service is available to receive JFrog Platform change events, you can review change events throughout PagerDuty including on an incident detail page, a service’s recent activity, and via the Recent Changes homepage.

Using the rich functionality of the PagerDuty dashboard, this allows your teams to monitor changes in Artifactory, Distribution, and more! Integrating change events with your services provides an essential way to help bring DevOps transparency into your everyday ITSM procedures.

Here are some example use cases you can consider:

Best Practices Enforcement

One of the most important DevOps best practices is to maintain immutable builds for build promotion through successive repositories.To support this, many companies have policies that no artifacts should be overwritten or deleted from certain repos.

Organizations can enforce their immutability policies by configuring Artifactory to send artifact deletion and/or build deletion event webhooks to a PagerDuty service. With this added content, they can take immediate corrective action to ensure the integrity of the software development pipeline.

Monitor Release Bundles and Distribution

JFrog Enterprise+ customers can group collections of builds and supporting artifacts from Artifactory repositories as release bundles that can be managed and deployed through JFrog Distribution to edge servers and devices. 

The PagerDuty integration can receive any of the release bundle event webhooks from Artifactory and report these as change events for response. In this way, teams can be notified of the availability of a new release when a new release bundle is created, or the withdrawal of a release when its release bundle is deleted.

PagerDuty can also report any distribution events from the JFrog Platform when those release bundles have started, completed, or failed to be distributed to their target (i.e., edge node), enabling teams to monitor and respond to this activity.

Alert on Property Changes

Artifactory empowers users to attach custom properties to artifacts stored in its repositories. These properties can be assigned to help locate items, group packages, tag status, or other helpful uses.

A PagerDuty service can receive artifact properties event webhooks when a property is added to or deleted from artifacts in specified Artifactory repos. Through the resulting change events, teams can be alerted to every important change happening in the JFrog Platform.

Notify of Creation and Promotion

With the integration installed, PagerDuty can receive webhooks from Artifactory for build and docker events such as creation, pushes to a registry, deletion, or promotion in specified repositories. This enables ITSM visibility of application updates as they move through continuous integration pipeline toward delivery.

Turn DevOps Up to Eleven

This addition to our family of integrations for PagerDuty, along with our PagerDuty integration for Xray and PagerDuty integration for Pipelines, completes the JFrog Platform connection to one of the leading change management and incident response solutions for enterprises.

Artifactory can send change events to PagerDuty to report changes for artifacts, builds, and release bundles.

For example: an artifact uploaded, a Docker tag pushed, or a release bundle distributed.

Xray can trigger PagerDuty to direct incident reports to individuals or groups to alert them of security or license policy violations detected in scanned repositories, builds, and release bundles. Pipelines can deliver real-time CI/CD event information to a PagerDuty service.

Respond quickly to build failures and receive actionable, granular information about a particular pipeline step.

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