Welcome to the “New Normal” for Your Software Supply Chain

New Normal for Your SSC

The new world is “always-on,” hyper-connected, massively distributed, and moving at an accelerated “near-real-time” pace. Billions of active end-points such as bay stations (5G), vehicles, drones, and robots, each with various combinations of sensors, cameras, HW-acceleration plug-ins, host an exponential number of versions of embedded software bios, drivers, diagnostic, management, and other applications, with increasingly automated “sense and make sense” schemes (think retail, face recognition, context-sensitive advertising, content delivery, etc.) – this is a daunting task for today and for the next wave of applications.

A daunting task?

In the backend, how do you accelerate your software releases from a mostly manual three-month process to a multi-day, single-click automated deployment? How do you go from zero to almost 5,000 public cloud apps in three years, with thousands of new ones planned in the future? How do you support hundreds of DevOps teams with 15,000-plus software engineers distributed globally across your organization, sites, and time zones? How do you ensure they have a common set of tools and processes and a shared view of the various software artifacts under development? How do you extend your distribution of software releases beyond traditional targets like data centers in a seamless and automated fashion to billions of dynamic, possibly mobile end-points? And in all of these instances, as you release software faster and continuously to increasingly heterogeneous and distributed destinations, how do you ensure that you maintain the security and compliance of these business-critical applications?

Welcome to the “new normal” for your software supply chain

These are not hypothetical scenarios. JFrog customers have successfully tackled these difficult questions and challenges as part of their DevOps journeys to digitally transform their businesses and surpass their competitors, boost sales, ROI, efficiency, and productivity, or simply remain relevant.

Get ready for “what’s next”

At JFrog, we’ve built our platform precisely to help you take on these challenging projects and make them a reality.

Becoming a Digital Champion requires releasing applications quickly and securely,  addressing market changes, increasing the pace of innovation, and confidently making bold digital bets.

Software delivery is about binaries, delivering quality builds, and getting software quickly into your customers’ hands (or devices). Quality software deployments require best practices for component acquisition, curation, composition, assembly, management, and distribution. Source code plays a foundational yet proportionally small part in the overall software development lifecycle (SDLC).

“While best-in-breed tools will continue to exist, more and more developers (and the enterprises that support them) are showing a preference for holistic toolchains. There are several reasons developers prefer them: to enable automated governance and compliance, to enable further adoption of GitOps, and to utilize value stream management tools. In 2022, we predict that 50% of enterprises will rely on these toolchains, which will essentially become another platform as a service.”

Source: Forrester Predictions

With this “new normal” in mind, you must adopt a platform that allows you to adopt best practices on day one, and readies you for “what’s next”.

  • Integrate “Dev”, “Sec”, and “Ops” operational best practices in one place – without friction.
  • Scale and distribute software across millions of globally dispersed end-points of varying types.
  • Ensure software supply chain security and compliance at DevOps speed, with SDLC-wide actionable visibility.
  • Gain 360°control and visibility over your entire SBOM, and gain critical insights + benchmark your team’s performance.
  • Deploy cloud nimble solutions,  enabling flexibility and operating consistency without trade-offs across  on-prem, cloud,  and hybrid environments (centralized or massively distributed).
  • Ensure expandability & access to a broad ecosystem of pre-integrated (existing and future) applications.

SSC - Get ready for whats next - JFrog

JFrog offers a best practices integrated DevOps platform that provides a unified solution for developers, operators, security professionals, as well as compliance leaders looking to streamline their entire software supply chain for building, testing, securing, deploying, and distributing application updates. No more siloed teams, processes across time zones,  geographies, and organizations; and no more fragmented software toolsets that gum the gears of your SDLC:

JFrog’s integrated DevOps Platform puts a modern, enterprise-grade platform that can power your mission-critical software supply chain at your global team’s fingertips. The JFrog DevOps Platform delivers:

  • DEEPER DEV. + APPSEC. + OPS. INTEGRATION, in one place and without compromise: Integrate & augment your workflows, ensure cohesion and speed across your organization.
  • A platform that is FLEXIBLE, OPEN, and EXPANDABLE BY DESIGN Extensive technology and partner support, out-of-the-box software integrations, and flexible, deployment/consumption models, across your edge,  core,  and cloud; for today and tomorrow’s applications.
  • ACTIONABLE, SDLC-WIDE SECURITY, VISIBILITY, AND CONTROL: Enhanced 360 visibility across your workflow,  software components & organizations;  JFrog Xray assures security and compliance with rich metadata for curation, contextual analysis, all the way to intelligent archiving and information extraction for forensics. insights

Learn more about the JFrog Platform, products, and solutions that can help with that mission:

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¹ In 2021, IoT Analytics expected the global number of connected IoT devices to grow 9%, to 12.3 billion active endpoints. By 2025, the estimate was for more than 27 billion active IoT connections. The Ericsson Mobility report IoT, around 29 billion connected devices are forecast by 2022, of which around 18 billion will be related to IoT.
² China alone counted 1.43 million new-generation 5G base stations in early 2022 (Source: Xinhua)