DevOps Visionaries to Discuss Software Innovation at swampUP 2021

In a unique, must-see joint appearance, five CEOs at the forefront of DevOps innovation will take the virtual stage at JFrog’s swampUP 2021 conference to candidly share their insights about the future of DevOps. JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim will be joined by his counterparts at fellow DevOps industry leaders Datadog, Elastic, HashiCorp, and PagerDuty … Continued

Swampup Leap: Creating an Inner Source Hub at Siemens

In their presentation at the swampUp 2020 conference, IT service manager Marija Kuester and her team at Siemens AG revealed how they use JFrog Artifactory to deploy and scale their Inner Source Hub service, and meet the challenging needs of their key business stakeholders. In the recorded session, the Siemens team outlined the service architecture … Continued

SwampUP Leap: Splunk’s DevOps and CI/CD Journey With JFrog

At swampUP2020 we were delighted to have a keynote interview with Splunk CTO & SVP Tim Tully. In this fireside chat Tim talks at length about how Splunk has evolved over the last two decades, and how he is driving technical innovation to equip customers far beyond log analytics.  Being in Charge Tim oversees everything … Continued

JFrog Fights Covid-19, Highlighted in Nasdaq’s Mission Driven Series

JFrog is honored to be the subject of Nasdaq’s episode of Mission Driven, a video series that highlights companies pairing purpose with profit. In the new series, Josh Machiz, Nasdaq’s head of client engagement, showcases companies that are changemakers dedicated to supporting and uplifting their communities.  In this first episode of Nasdaq’s Mission Driven series, … Continued

JFrog’s Bold Roadmap: The Rise of Binaries

In the annual roadmap keynote of our SwampUP 2020 conference, JFrog CTO and co-founder Yoav Landman, CPO Dror Bereznitsky and VP of Engineering Avi Cavale delivered a landmark message: If you’re not focused on binaries and distributing them to the edge, you’re risking the future of your business. Under the theme DevOps, Fast Forward, JFrog’s … Continued

Live or Die by 2022: DevOps in the Digital-First Economy

For companies to survive until 2022, they’ll need to focus on two things: Binaries and Edges. We’ve just wrapped up swampUP 2020, where we showcased this bold idea. We heard from you firsthand how DevOps Fast Forward is a must, and how software must be able to be distributed anywhere to enable the continuity of … Continued

JFrog and K8S

[White Paper] The JFrog Journey to Kubernetes: Best Practices for Taking Your Containers All the Way to Production

Kubernetes together with JFrog Artifactory allows you to reliably and predictably deploy your applications, scale them on the fly, seamlessly roll out new features and efficiently utilize hardware resources. This white paper reviews the complexity and the challenges facing companies wanting to adopt Kubernetes as their container orchestration tool. We hope that the lessons learned, … Continued


Clean Up Your Git LFS Repositories with JFrog CLI

Git has become an industry standard for source code control. However, it is not designed to store binary files efficiently, and storing large binary files in a Git repository can quickly inflate it, making it sluggish to respond. This is where Git LFS comes into play. Git LFS is a Git extension designed to accommodate … Continued

Enterprise Level Access Control with Keys and Entitlements

“Private repositories”, “Teams and Organizations”, “Permissions”…, sounds like that’s all you need to provide secure private downloads. Well, not quite. Those are great features that fit the bill if your consumer is a Bintray user. But what if she isn’t? Well, then there are signed URLs. Those should do the trick. Just sign your file … Continued