JFrog and K8S

[White Paper] The JFrog Journey to Kubernetes: Best Practices for Taking Your Containers All the Way to Production

Kubernetes together with JFrog Artifactory allows you to reliably and predictably deploy your applications, scale them on the fly, seamlessly roll out new features and efficiently utilize hardware resources. This white paper reviews the complexity and the challenges facing companies wanting to adopt Kubernetes as their container orchestration tool. We hope that the lessons learned, … Continued


Clean Up Your Git LFS Repositories with JFrog CLI

Git has become an industry standard for source code control. However, it is not designed to store binary files efficiently, and storing large binary files in a Git repository can quickly inflate it, making it sluggish to respond. This is where Git LFS comes into play. Git LFS is a Git extension designed to accommodate … Continued

Enterprise Level Access Control with Keys and Entitlements

“Private repositories”, “Teams and Organizations”, “Permissions”…, sounds like that’s all you need to provide secure private downloads. Well, not quite. Those are great features that fit the bill if your consumer is a Bintray user. But what if she isn’t? Well, then there are signed URLs. Those should do the trick. Just sign your file … Continued

JFrog leaps ahead with US offices, new investment from VMware

Analyst: Jay Lyman 29 Sep, 2014 Repository and binary management vendor JFrog continues to grow, thanks largely to its new US offices and continued growth of modern, agile, DevOps technologies and methodologies among more mainstream and larger enterprises. In July, JFrog announced $7m series B funding from VMware and previous investor Gemini Israel Ventures. JFrog says the funding has helped it to grow … Continued

JFrog catching more enterprises as devops, legacy ops converge

https://jfrog.com/blog/how-devops-empowers-maslows-hierarchy-of-needs-2-0/Analyst: Jay Lyman JFrog is a commercial backer of the open source Artifactory repository management software. The company, with offices in Israel and Milpitas, California, reports an increase in enterprise customers melding new, more agile application development and release practices (aka devops) with legacy systems and processes. The company’s repository management software and new Bintray for distributing binaries are significant components … Continued

Replication! What and How.

Update Jul. 24th 2012: As of version 2.6.2  Artifactory also supports event-driven replication. Benefit from all the worlds: pull/push/event-driven!Working in distributed teams isn’t easy. There are time zone differences, language and cultural differences, and… data distribution. When the data you need is away, you are miserable. So, let’s fix it. Bring your data home Let’s take binary … Continued

QCon 2012 – Perfect as Everything in London Should Be

Update 13 Jul. 2012: The video recording of my talk was published on infoq.comIt was JFrog‘s second QCon London, and it just gets better. Imagine: even the London weather was perfect, not to mention the sessions, booth traffic, show organization and food (what, you say, good English food? Well, great IndoPak food, at least). Due to high demand … Continued

Dependency Management with .NET – Doing it Right

The problem of dependency management is neither new nor original, it exists in all development platforms, and .NET is no different. Let’s go through different solutions and see how they perform. I’ll list them here in no particular order. Keeping dependencies in your source control That’s a very popular solution, and for a reason. The … Continued

Artifactory – Community Talks

We’d rather have our customers and users be the gauge of how well Artifactory met their Continuous Integration needs, rather than have you listen to our opinion.These are busy days for the froggers getting ready to release 2.4. The buzz is out there and proudly we can see more and more talks that cover Artifactory as … Continued