DevOps Visionaries to Discuss Software Innovation at swampUP 2021

In a unique, must-see joint appearance, five CEOs at the forefront of DevOps innovation will take the virtual stage at JFrog’s swampUP 2021 conference to candidly share their insights about the future of DevOps.

JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim will be joined by his counterparts at fellow DevOps industry leaders Datadog, Elastic, HashiCorp, and PagerDuty for a panel discussion titled “DevOps Beyond Digital Transformation.” 

During the session, which will be moderated by MediaOps CEO and Editor in Chief Alan Shimel, the panelists will share their perspective on the forces driving software innovation and on key trends in DevOps, software delivery and software management.

“Companies that successfully push software from any source all the way to production will be the true rainmakers in the next decade,” Ben Haim said. “I’m excited to be joined by the world’s DevOps leaders on one stage to share their projections and perspectives on what the community can expect as we all step into and through these transformative changes.” 

The session will give swampUP 2021 attendees an exclusive window into these leaders’ minds, as they explain how to prepare for digital transformation’s next wave now that developing and delivering software quickly and securely has become key for business success.

The panel, which is scheduled for May 26 at 9:55am PT for the Americas, and for June 2 at 9:55am CET for EMEA and APAC, is just one of many reasons for developers, DevOps engineers, security professionals and IT leaders to attend swampUP 2021.

This year, the theme of the three-day virtual conference is “DevOps: The Epicenter” and will feature training sessions, keynotes by industry luminaries, presentations by software delivery experts, panel discussions, and hands-on tutorials. To attend the DevOps CEO panel, as well as more than 40 additional DevOps sessions, reserve your free conference pass now.

The “DevOps Beyond Digital Transformation” panel will feature:

Olivier Pomel, CEO, Datadog
Providing a monitoring and securing platform for cloud applications
Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty
Providing digital operations management solutions
Shay Banon, CEO, Elastic
Making data usable at scale, enterprise search, observability, and security
David McJannet, CEO, HashiCorp
Providing multi-cloud infrastructure automation software
Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO, JFrog