JFrog’s Bold Roadmap: The Rise of Binaries

In the annual roadmap keynote of our SwampUP 2020 conference, JFrog CTO and co-founder Yoav Landman, CPO Dror Bereznitsky and VP of Engineering Avi Cavale delivered a landmark message: If you’re not focused on binaries and distributing them to the edge, you’re risking the future of your business.

Under the theme DevOps, Fast Forward, JFrog’s annual user conference showcased how the impact of the global pandemic has accelerated companies’ digital transformation plans. Speed is no longer just about production of software, but includes its delivery to an increasingly far-flung set of end users. 

Success lies in a focus on binary operations from the beginning, or BinOps, in the enterprise. Development pipelines need to control and promote binary artifacts through DevOps stages while controlling visibility, security, quality, and provenance. Our key product announcements include forthcoming metadata services in the JFrog Platform. Opening up this information about your artifacts’ journey through your pipelines will help you better drive your operations.
To extend DevOps to the edge, new innovations include the advancement of JFrog Distribution and hybrid Edge Nodes to enable global, private distribution across infrastructure choices. New peer-to-peer distribution functionality for the JFrog Platform can greatly reduce download times through an efficient mesh of clients.

Because automation is critical for successful digital transformation, new features in JFrog Pipelines help you evolve and not be left behind. Features like secure Kubernetes runners, matrix steps, and the ability to create your own custom DSL extensions help to shift binary production closer to the developer and create CI/CD for the modern world.

Watch the full roadmap keynote below: