Distribute Software Releases Globally with JFrog on AWS

Release management is a topic that leaders in DevOps teams should be concerned with as organizations move toward implementing systems of automated continuous deployment. The practice will make your organization more efficient, but how do you implement it?  

Modernizing your infrastructure for the cloud is essential to distributing trusted releases globally. Many enterprises choose AWS as their platform, and seek to use AWS edge services to distribute their production applications to nearby end-points. But understanding how to drive those deliveries from your automated DevOps pipeline is a must.

JFrog will be hosting a webinar with Anuj Sharma, AWS Container Specialist Solution Architect, and Sven Ruppert, JFrog Developer Advocate. Together, they’ll provide some answers on how to best distribute software through hybrid infrastructure.

Distribute Software Bundles Globally with JFrog and AWS

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

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