10 Reasons Why You Should Attend SwampUP 2022

How to Convince Your Boss and Yourself

You won’t want to miss joining the community of DevOps and DevSecOps leaders at swampUP, JFrog’s developer-first conference, May 25 and 26, at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California (15 minutes from San Diego).

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Need to convince your boss or yourself that you should go? Let’s count the ways…

In-Person in Sunny San Diego

After 2 years of going virtual, swampUP is in-person again! If you’ve never experienced a live, onsite swampUP before, you’re in for the most energizing and inspiring DevOps conference experience you’ve ever known, hosted by the most knowledgeable experts from JFrog and other companies. 

Be In The Room Where It Happens

Be among the first to hear about new products and features in JFrog CTO Yoav Landman’s Technical Keynote and Announcements, and learn what they mean for you! 

Stay On Top of DevOps Trends

Get access to fellow users to hear how they are transforming their companies with JFrog Tools. Learn in sessions with leaders from powerhouse companies like Netflix, Volvo, Google, Microsoft, and AWS.

DevOps at Netflix
Tejas Chopra, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix shares Learn how Netflix thinks about DevOps, and how that culture permeates their Agile practices, DevOps, and development.

Accelerating Binary Management: Large-scale migration and scale-up
Hear Patrik Osbakk, Director and Strategy Lead at Volvo Car Corporation explain the challenges, benefits, and strategies of large-scale migration to cloud and scale-up of operations

Bring Your Testing Into the 21st Century!
Gerald Venzl, Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle explains how to cover a data tier in your CI/CD test automation using tools such as Docker, Testcontainers and Liquibase.

Accelerating Continuous delivery with DORA, Cloud Deploy and JFrog Pipelines
Join Ayrat Khayretdinov, Hybrid Cloud Specialist at Google and Associate CTO Jenn Viau to learn how solutions like Google Cloud Deploy, JFrog Pipelines, and Artifactory help implement modern microservices deployments.

DevOps for Java Shops
Brian Benz, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft joins JFrog Java Champion Melissa McKay to highlight the best ways for Java developers to work with their IT partners to deliver their code to the cloud.

Hands-On Training and Certification

Take part in-depth training sessions on DevOps automation, security with Xray, SBOM administration, release distribution and more! By completing any training session, you will obtain a certification of completion.

Take the whole day to roll up your sleeves and reach deep into how to get the most out of the JFrog Platform.

DevOps Automation with JFrog Artifactory (Advanced)
Learn how to take JFrog Artifactory to the next level through greater mastery of its robust automation capabilities. 
From Git to Kubernetes: Cloud Native DevOps (Advanced)
In this training session, you’ll learn best-practices when using the JFrog Platform to store and manage your Docker images, Helm charts, and Kubernetes deployments from beginning to end.

Pick up practical tips and tricks in two of these shorter classes, or split your day between a class and swampUP sessions.

Morning Classes

Introduction to DevSecOps with JFrog Xray
Learn how JFrog Xray can advance your DevSecOps journey, how it integrates with other components within the JFrog Platform to ensure your builds and artifacts are secure, and how to create different policies for different stages of the CI/CD process. 
SBOM at the Center of the Software Supply Chain
Learn where producing an SBOM should occur in your software delivery processes, what defines a full SBOM implementation and how to achieve SBOM management with the JFrog Platform.


Afternoon Classes

Automate Everything With the JFrog CLI
Reveals a bounty of JFrog CLI tips and tricks for performing practical DevOps operations with the JFrog platform, that can improve your day-to-day processes and software pipelines
Software Distribution Patterns
Gain experience in designing the right distribution architecture, and orchestrating a secure and efficient distribution workflow using JFrog Distribution and Artifactory Edge Nodes.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Learn the most current JFrog Best Practices to maximize your success at delivering fast, frequent, and fearless releases. Choose from over 30 sessions to focus on topics like Cloud Native, DevSecOps, DevOps at Scale, Artifact Management, CI/CD and Software Distribution.

DevOps for Java Shops
Brian Benz, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, joins JFrog Java Champion Melissa McKay to highlight the best ways for Java developers to work with their IT partners to deliver their code to the cloud.

DevOps Intelligence and Your Software Supply Chain
Join Tracy Ragan, DeployHub CEO, to explore how culture and pipeline need to shift to support a shared, component-driven architecture for building the software of tomorrow’s software.

DevOps & Kubernetes & Databases
Karen Taggart of Liquibase joins JFrog Developer Advocate Batel Zohar to discuss practical methods for automation and scaling with Kubernetes, with a special focus on Database DevOps. 

Stay on Top of Security

Meet the engineers of the JFrog Security Research Team to learn about the latest threats to your software supply chain and how to confront them.

Best Practices for Supply Chain Security
Asaf Karas, JFrog Security CTO, joins Developer Advocate Sven Ruppert to share thoughts on best practices and security tips from the JFrog Research Team on how to prepare to fight future cyberattacks.

Securing the DevOps Pipeline: OpenSSF Projects to the Rescue
Kim Lewandowski, Chainguard founder, and Tracy Ragan, DeployHub CEO lead a panel discussion on the current Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) projects and how they work to help secure the DevOps pipeline.

JFrog Senior Solution Architects Shimi Bandiel and Frank Zhu will do a walkthrough the process of security remediation by end-to-end extraction of artifacts (regarding CVEs, licenses, and life cycle) towards “actionable observability.”

Discover Innovation

Come upon new ways to integrate for DevOps at The Swamp Exhibition Hall and Talk With Our Partners opportunity.

Play to Learn

Socialize and share tips with other JFrog users at our Hackergarten and DevOps Speakeasy halls.

  Build Your Network

Meet industry insiders, JFrog execs and engineers, and other professionals like you when you chill by the pool for Cocktail Hour and join our Gala Event.

 Get Energized

Like our attendees have in the past, you’ll return home excited to put everything you learned about accelerating DevOps, security, and delivery into practice!


The swampUP 2022 DevOps conference will take place in person May 25- 26, 2022. It is being held at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California (15 minutes from San Diego). We have a block of rooms at the Omni La Costa with a special rate for conference attendees.

COVID Policy: The JFrog swampUP team has your health and security as its first priority. Our event will be at a limited capacity with respect to local and state policies around COVID19. 

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