The Biggest DevSecOps Hits From swampUP 2021

In the wake of recent events like the SolarWinds hack and the White House executive order on cybersecurity, DevSecOps and security are top-of-mind for most DevOps and security professionals. 

How to efficiently adapt or adopt a sound DevSecOps has become a priority, especially with the U.S. government’s impending mandate requiring software applications to be vetted, and to create a trusted Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) for each one. 

At the recently concluded swampUP 2021 virtual conference, JFrog hosted speakers and experts from all across the DevOps community, with particular attention paid to security and DevSecOps.

We don’t want you to miss out on the great security content presented at swampUP, so we gathered together the highlights from the best DevSecOps sessions at this year’s event.

The Quick Wins of DevSecOps


Didn’t think ‘Zen’ and ‘DevSecOps’ could co-exist in the same sentence…? Well think again! Join Sven Ruppert, DevSecOps Developer Advocate at JFrog as he takes you on a Zen-like journey of easy to implement DevSecOps practices, while traversing through the picturesque and peaceful forests of Germany.

DevSecOps – The Broken or Blurred Lines of Defense


John Willis, Senior Director Global Transformation Office at Red Hat, gives us a philosophical, practical and yet frank discussion on DevSecOps today. Listen in as he talks you through his vast experience of implementing DevSecOps and security protocols at different companies. Be ready for some out-of-the-box ideas to automate a secure software development environment.

DevSecOps at Scale Using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) and the JFrog Platform


Join Anuj Sharma, Sr Container Specialist Solution Architect at AWS, as he talks about how to utilize Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) to scale DevSecOps with the JFrog DevOps Platform. He presents the architecture required and the steps needed for implementation, and finishes it off with a practical demonstration of how to do it.

Spearited Guidance: Learning About DevSecOps


Partnerships are essential to JFrog’s success and partner presentations were a high point of swampUP! Listen to this excellent presentation from Quintessence Anx, Developer Advocate at PagerDuty, who will walk you through, step-by-step, how to implement effective DevSecOps in bite size chunks throughout your SDLC.

DevSecOps is a Practice: Make it Visible


Join Chris Riley, Sr Technology Advocate, Developer Relations at Splunk, as he talks about how even bad coders can learn DevSecOps. Chris talks about embedding security into your software pipeline and making it a practice that needs visibility. Let him explain to you the ways the tech-enabled enterprises approach DevSecOps, and how JFrog + Splunk can accelerate your DevSecOps journey.

And There’s More!

These presentations and many more are available for viewing on the JFrog swampUP resource page. Browse the videos to get more of your burning DevOps questions answered!

We also recommend you download our new white paper “JFrog Xray: Security and Compliance of the Open Source Software Dependencies You Rely On.” You’ll learn how you can use the JFrog Platform to implement a DevSecOps strategy and obtain continuous and comprehensive security and compliance, along with full visibility and control of your SDLC.