Artifactory Pro in Docker Easy as 1-2-3

With the new Artifactory 5.x, you can spin up an instance of Artifactory Pro in Docker in an instant! 1. On Mac or Linux, run the following command $ curl -L ‘$latest/art-compose?bt_package=art-compose’ | sudo bash 2. Point your browser to http://<server>/artifactory/ and complete the onboarding wizard. 3. Start using Artifactory! NOTE: Data volumes on the host are … Continued

Docker is Not Alone

JFrog Artifactory – The Only Universal Enterprise Repository Manager During DockerCon 2015 in SF, Solomon Hykes asked the audience: “Who is using Docker and nothing else”? No one in the audience raised their hand. Our Developer and DevOps 2015 Survey reinforces this point and adds what developers are using together with Docker. In JFrog’s Developer and … Continued

Docker Has Arrived, But Has Your Ship Really Come In?

In many ways it has. Docker has emerged as the “King of Containers” with more and more enterprises adopting Docker technology to run applications in data centers, on IT infrastructure and developer laptops alike. Docker’s decoupling of applications from their environments has effectively revolutionized how software is run. However, as with any (relatively) new technology, … Continued