Enable Global DevSecOps with Cloud Enterprise and Xray on AWS

When software can travel around the globe at the speed of the cloud’s gusts, enterprises need to be extra certain the updates they release are safe for customers to use. If an app built in Palo Alto uses a vulnerable package from Belgrade, losses can ripple from Sheboygan to Shanghai.

At JFrog, we believe enabling global DevSecOps in the cloud should be an easy process. Now customers who are utilizing AWS can use the JFrog Platform to scale an enterprise-grade solution while keeping their workload secure.

Cloud Native DevSecOps

JFrog Cloud Enterprise can help scale your DevOps tools performance with a SaaS subscription enabled for multi-site replication. With Artifactory’s support for over 27 package types, teams worldwide can boost their speed from build to release.

JFrog Xray helps create DevSecOps by adding integrated security vulnerability & license compliance analysis, to help assure that applications delivered through JFrog Artifactory are safe to deploy. 

The enterprise-ready combination of JFrog’s industry-leading Artifactory and XRay is now available on AWS marketplace. With just a few mouse clicks, you can have cloud native SaaS, Security, and Simplicity at enterprise scale.

How to Get Started with Cloud Enterprise and Xray

You can find Cloud Enterprise and Xray by going to the AWS Marketplace and searching for “JFrog” or “Cloud Enterprise and Xray”.  In the search result, click Cloud Enterprise and Xray.

The Cloud Enterprise and Xray page opens.

Click Continue to Subscribe.

Select the Contract Options that you desire and click Create Contract.

Review your contract and if everything looks correct click Pay now.

Get DevSecOps, Go!

Want to learn more? Register for this DevOps Institute Webinar on DevSecOps with AWS and learn about the importance of a binary repository manager and security automation. 

There’s nothing more to stop you! In just a few mouse clicks on AWS marketplace, you can support your enterprise-grade DevSecOps teams in their journey to speed the release of reliable software.