DevSecOps 101 Webinar Series

DevSecOps 101 Webinar Series

Security should be embedded into the DevOps workflow by default, but for many organizations, it isn’t. Enter “DevSecOps”. What is DevSecOps? It is a practice to build more secure applications, secure the software supply chain, and secure cloud and on-prem workloads. It is an essential practice that needs visibility.

Our new “DevSecOps 101” webinar series will walk you through how to approach and integrate a DevSecOps practice by combining application security with  speed, and reliability. This practice drives the enablement of development teams to secure what they build without friction at their own pace, allowing for easier and faster remediation.

Learn the best practices needed to ensure security, development, and operations are in sync across the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We’ll also give you a practical example of how you can get started for yourself, so you’re ready to experiment on your own! Learn about JFrog Xray SCA tool!

See the importance and benefits of bringing security into the DevOps culture.

 “DevSecOps 101: Best Practices” Agenda:

  • What is the definition of DevSecOps?
  • What does DevSecOps mean for developers?
    • Software supply chain security incidents changed the market
  • Key techniques to embrace a culture of DevSecOps
  • Why are DevSecOps practices important?
  • Benefits of a DevSecOps Model
  • Adoption: 
    • Why You Need to Integrate Security into the CI/CD Pipeline
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