Load Up and Drive Cloud DevSecOps on Azure


Editor’s Note (2024): Please refer to the current JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform listing on Azure Marketplace to get started with JFrog on Microsoft Azure.


At JFrog, we think enabling DevSecOps in the cloud should be as easy as ordering from a drive-up window. Getting the tools you need for digital transformation should only be a short stop on your long journey. And you should be able to get it your way, on the cloud services platforms you choose. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of JFrog Cloud Pro X on Azure Marketplace. Now you can easily subscribe to JFrog’s enterprise-ready, managed service in a deployment that’s hosted on Microsoft Azure

Cloud Native On Azure Marketplace

With just a few mouse clicks on Azure Marketplace, you can have cloud native SaaS, Security, and Simplicity to accelerate your DevSecOps processes on Azure with trusted and swift software releases from code to production.


Cloud Pro X provides all the benefits of Artifactory repository management for software packages created for any language or technology, including support for Docker and Helm, with all the scalability of the cloud in Azure. And this SaaS subscription can help your costs stretch and shrink with how much you use.

What’s more, if you’re already using Azure, — as your sole cloud provider, as part of a multicloud strategy, or in a hybrid infrastructure — an Azure-hosted Cloud Pro X can make a huge performance difference. If you develop through Azure services like Azure DevOps, you can push Azure DevOps builds to Artifactory in the same cloud. And you can more speedily deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).


With Cloud Pro X, you gain the integrated security vulnerability & license compliance analysis of JFrog Xray, to help assure that applications delivered through Artifactory are safe to deploy. In a world where one out of every ten open-source software modules has a known vulnerability, it’s good to know that Xray universal component analysis utilizes a comprehensive vulnerability database from public and private sources, managed by the JFrog Security Research Team.


Simplify your billing through your existing purchase agreement for Azure services. No need to request a new purchase order for your department; when you sign up through Azure marketplace, subscription fees for Cloud Pro X are paid through your Azure account, using Azure credits.

How To Get Started

For a SaaS subscription to Cloud Pro X hosted on Azure, you can leave most of the complicated choices to JFrog. We’ll provide a robust, always-available configuration of Artifactory and Xray that scales with you as your demands grow.

You can find Cloud Pro X through a search of the marketplace catalogue for “JFrog” or “Cloud Pro X”.

Azure Marketplace Search for JFrog

Click on the JFrog Cloud Pro X offering to begin. This will show you the Azure Marketplace offering for JFrog Cloud Pro X.

Azure Cloud Pro X Offering

To sign up, click the Get It Now button on the JFrog Cloud Pro X offering page.

Cloud Pro X Sign-Up

You’ll need to provide JFrog with some information to set up your account, then click Continue to proceed.

Cloud Pro X Summation

Here, you can select your billing plan type, then click Create to complete the process. 

When the account has been successfully established, JFrog will email you the details you will need to access your hosted instance of Artifactory on Azure.

SaaS and Security Right Away

Once you’ve subscribed, all your SaaS usage is billed through your existing Azure account. You can start using Cloud Pro X right away as a central, traceable home for all the binaries in your software supply chain. 

So what are you waiting for? It only takes a few mouse clicks to sign up and ensure that the artifacts moving through the many stages of your software delivery pipeline are expected, compliant, and secure.