JFrog Trust Data Management

Data Storage

JFrog Saas solution uses managed object storage and databases from the major cloud providers. Each customer has their own unique role with permissions to their own data.

Data Backup

JFrog Saas solution performs automatic backup of all application data and configurations. However, backup is performed at a regional level. Customers are encouraged to use the Trashcan feature in Artifactory for short-term recovery of deleted artifacts.

Our backup policy includes:

  • Daily DB backup on a point-in-time basis.
  • Temporary filestore retention for older versions of overwritten / deleted files.
  • Data backup to a neighboring cloud region.

Retention and Deletion of Data

A commercial customer account is typically deactivated after being inactive for 60 days or 30 days after the end of its current subscription period. If the customer does not reach our support team, we delete its data completely.

A Free tier account is typically deactivated after being inactive for 21 days. After 7 days all its data will be deleted from JFrog SaaS solution.


Checksum-Based Storage

JFrog uniquely stores artifacts using checksum-based storage in Artifactory.
From version 5.5, Artifactory natively supports SHA-256. An artifact’s SHA-256 checksum is calculated when it is deployed to Artifactory, and is maintained in persistent storage as part of the database.

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