JFrog Trust Government Access Request Policy

This Government Access Request Policy describes how JFrog will handle and respond to law enforcement or other government authority access requests for customer personal data. JFrog is committed to protecting the privacy of customer data under our custody and control. JFrog will not disclose our customers’ data to any government authority unless we are instructed by our customer to do so, or as described in this policy.


Requirements for legal access requests

JFrog will only disclose customer personal data in response to valid legal process. JFrog requires a search warrant issued by a court of competent jurisdiction or the equivalent legal process in the applicable jurisdiction to disclose the personal data. All requests should be prepared and served in accordance with applicable law and narrowly tailored to request only the personal data needed to complete their investigation. A request must include contact information for the authorized government official, including: Agency name, agent name and badge/identification number, agent employer-issued email address, agent phone number (including any extension), agent mailing address, and requested response date. Government requests should be sent to LegalProcess@jfrog.com.


Receiving and responding to legal access requests

All JFrog employees and contractors who may receive legal access requests are required to promptly forward government access requests to JFrog’s Chief Legal Officer. JFrog legal will evaluate each legal request on a country-by-country and case-by-case basis to determine the subject, authority, scope, and notice. If a request is for customer personal data, we will direct the government requestor to our customer. In the event that redirection is not possible, JFrog will notify the customer, unless we are legally prohibited from doing so. If JFrog is legally prohibited from notifying our customer prior to disclosure, JFrog will take reasonable steps to notify the customer after the nondisclosure requirement expires. JFrog will not provide personal data in a bulk or indiscriminate manner that goes beyond what is necessary and proportionate in a democratic society. JFrog shall only disclose personal data to the extent JFrog is legally required to do so and only in accordance with applicable lawful process.

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