Create an Agile Business

CA Continuous Delivery Director is a powerful, toolchain-agnostic pipeline planning, orchestration, and optimization solution that enables you to eliminate spreadsheets, automate test processes and continually improve the delivery of revenue-generating features to your customers.

Artifactory is Key

Similar to triggering a release cycle when a new build is ready, the Artifactory plugin can automatically trigger and track a new release cycle when new artifacts are ready. CA Continuous Delivery Director (CDD) can also trigger automatic syncs between Artifactory and Bintray, ensuring continuous synchronization.


Built for Modern Applications

Orchestrate and automate the continuous delivery process from development to production using the Artifactory and CA Continuous Delivery Director plugin.  Continuous delivery platform for modern applications.

Development Visibility

Test before Release

Visibility into the release process and the ability to track artifact packages with Artifactory in CA Continuous Delivery Director, provides control to manage release risk and audit builds prior to production release.  Testing orchestration ensures you can provide higher quality applications to customers.

Artifactory within CDD

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