JFrog Federated Repositories

Multi-Site Shared Artifacts Made Fast and Simple

Federated repositories in Artifactory provide multi-site mirroring  of artifact repositories through a simplified configuration.

Enterprise software development takes several teams working together at global scale. With JFrog federated repositories, geographically distributed teams can work on the same artifacts (binaries and their metadata), with minimal latency through local repositories that are continuously synchronized across multiple sites.

JFrog’s innovative, bidirectional topology provides DevOps teams a mirroring  option that is easy to set up and maintain for multi-site teams and projects. In environments where artifacts are large and/or frequently updated, a federated repository can perform more efficiently than a typical full mesh topology option.

JFrog Artifactory federated repositories enable enterprises  to:

  • Collaboratively develop software across geographically distributed teams
  • Synchronize  frequently updated binaries between sites securely and efficiently
  • Scale development globally
  • Ensure all shared artifacts and metadata are current to the latest version everywhere
  • Replicate for disaster recovery


Within a federated repository, changes made to artifacts or to the repository configuration on one site are automatically synchronized to other member sites through bi-directional mirroring.

Federated Repositories Biderectional Mirroriing Topology


Any federated repository can include up to 10 federation members (local repositories in different JFrog Platform deployments at remote sites), providing broad geographical coverage. Any established local repositories can be converted to a federated repository.

Federated repositories can be used for all repository types available in Artifactory’s universal package management.


A JFrog federated repository enables multi-site development by empowering geographically distributed teams to collectively share artifacts and their metadata. 

Local repositories in multiple Artifactory deployments can be logically joined to synchronize as a federation  and provide each site a unified, locally accessible repository of global data.

Federated Repository Multi-Site Synchronization


With a JFrog federated repository, there’s no need to coordinate setup between platform administrators at different physical sites across time zones to create your unified topology. An authorized administrator at one site can create and join local repositories at several JFrog Platform deployments into a single, multi-site federated repository. Setup and maintenance can be quickly and easily accomplished from any affiliated physical site: all changes to configuration and repository settings are synchronized automatically across all federation members.

Federated Repositories Administrator View


Federated repositories use binary provider tokens to establish a circle of trust among members without having to set up certificates at each site. JFrog Mission Control automatically enables all JFrog Platform deployments for secure federation, or you can manually specify secure JFrog Platform URLs.

Administrators at each site can enable or restrict access to federated repositories by their own users through the permission groups managed on their own JFrog Platform deployment.

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