JFrogのテクノロジーパートナーのエコシステムは、オープンソースツールからエンタープライズアプリケーションまで、幅広い統合テクノロジーを提供しています。信頼できるパートナーとともに、お互いの強みを妥協することなく取り入れて、コミュニティとお客様をサポートします。シームレスなユーザー体験のために、エンドツーエンドのJFrog Platformを一緒に革新し続けています。
Have confidence in your builds, secure artifacts for open source languages, and support modern workflows with ActiveState
Track and test code changes, promote software artifacts, ensure quality and security, and deploy with agility using Atlassian
Orchestrate software delivery and enrich artifacts with important build context using CircleCI
Track usage data of Artifactory and Xray with a modern SaaS-based log monitoring tool, Datadog
Manage development, vulnerability analysis, artifact flow control and distribution with Docker
Intelligent observability to enable velocity and quality in your JFrog Pipelines for flawless digital service delivery
Leverage acceleration technologies to improve the developer experience with Gradle
Enjoy secure, reproducible and automated processes for builds and infrastructure with HashiCorp
A secure, enterprise-grade platform to deploy cloud-native and non-cloud-native applications at scale.
Treat database code just like application code with Liquibase to allow for continuous delivery with confidence
Cover the full lifecycle of Maven packages to manage development, vulnerability analysis, artifact flow control and distribution
Get immediate insight into vulnerabilities, compliance issues, build events, and more by sending notifications to your MSTeams channels
Track key usage and performance data of JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray with the most powerful observability platform.
Improve the Performance, Reliability, and Security of Your Applications with NGINX - Powering the World’s Busiest Sites
Scale storage needs with Pure Storage’s S3-Compliant object store on-premises and in the cloud
Deliver secure, approved software from code to runtime in an automated, traceable and repeatable way with Red Hat
Get productive fast with no-code orchestration, intelligent observability, and detailed insights for all your pipelines with ReleaseIQ
This integration with ServiceNow provides data about security incidents, artifact management, and distribution events with JFrog.
Generate custom notifications on new distribution events, rapid vulnerability notifications, docker tags, and build notifications with Slack
Provide a real-time and unified experience by empowering operators to connect millions of log events with powerful analytics tools from Splunk
SUSE Rancher platform provides everything enterprises need to build and run their container-based applications and services efficiently at scale