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JFrog’s technology ecosystem delivers a wide range of connected and integrated technology, from open-source tools to enterprise applications. As a JFrog Software Supply Chain technology partner, you’ll help customers unify, accelerate, secure, and control their software delivery from development to distribution.
Join JFrog as we continue to redefine the tools and user experience across the software supply chain.

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jfrog technology partner program benefits

  • Connect and integrate with the Software Supply Chain Platform trusted by millions of users and thousands of customers
  • Generate awareness of your technology in JFrog’s vast DevOps and DevSecOps community and global customer base
  • Deliver greater value to your customers and monetize product integrations

Unsere Partner

  • Microsoft
  • f5
  • PagerDuty
  • RedHat
  • Liquibase
  • ActiveState
  • docker
  • dynatrace
  • new relic
  • CloudBees
  • ReleaseIQ
  • T one  T Solutions
  • SB C&S
  • bynet
  • UBsecure
  • eficode
  • SADA

Technologiepartner im Fokus

„Wenn es für den IT-Betrieb auf Sekunden ankommt, helfen unsere Plattformintegrationen mit JFrog den Kunden, schneller auf Vorfälle zu reagieren und Sicherheitsverletzungen proaktiv anzugehen.“

Steve Gross, Senior Director of Global Technology Ecosystems, PagerDuty

"Millions of engineers rely on JFrog to improve their software performance and security at every stage of development. Together with JFrog, New Relic is making it possible for engineering teams to view observability data in tandem with their release pipelines to boost release velocity and quality.”

Gal Tunic, Vice President of Cloud and Product Partnerships, New Relic

„Wir freuen uns, mit JFrog zusammenzuarbeiten, damit Entwickler Sicherheit in ihre agilen Praktiken integrieren können.“

John Kinmonth, Leiter Produktmarketing, ADO-Portfoliowachstum, Atlassian