OpenShift with Artifactory: A Powerful PaaS with a JFrog Stack

[deprecated] This blog shows outdated content, please see this blog for the latest information. If you’re containerizing, cloudifying, and doing DevOps, you want your tools to work together nicely so you don’t have the headache of managing infrastructure. We are making it even easier to make your enterprise-grade devops environment work great with JFrog Artifactory … Continued


Closing the Release Velocity Gap with Datical and Artifactory

Many companies have already made the transformation to agile development methodologies and proudly show how they’ve managed to shorten their application release cycles significantly. But there’s one place where companies often falter in the process: their databases. They can’t update their database implementations as quickly as they update their applications creating a release velocity gap. … Continued

Introducing First Class RubyGems Support in Artifactory

Here’s a short and down-to-business screen-cast that shows how to set up a feature-rich hosted Ruby Gems repository. You’ll get the full monty – local repositories for sharing your private gems, remote repositories to stop being dependent on and a virtual repository that unifies and simplifies configuration. Of course, it plays awesomely with Jenkins, (by using Jenkins … Continued

Taking Control of App Releases

Featuring report “Release Management for Enterprises“, by RebelLabs Today’s software users have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. So dev teams need to churn out new features and versions frequently to keep up while still making sure that service is not interrupted. Sounds like a tall order, but fail to … Continued

Artifactory – Community Talks

We’d rather have our customers and users be the gauge of how well Artifactory met their Continuous Integration needs, rather than have you listen to our opinion.These are busy days for the froggers getting ready to release 2.4. The buzz is out there and proudly we can see more and more talks that cover Artifactory as … Continued