Artifactory – Community Talks

We’d rather have our customers and users be the gauge of how well Artifactory met their Continuous Integration needs, rather than have you listen to our opinion.

These are busy days for the froggers getting ready to release 2.4. 
The buzz is out there and proudly we can see more and more talks that cover Artifactory as part of their CI case-studies.

Following the DUKE CHOICE AWARDS in which Oracle honored us at JavaOne 2011 with the DUKE for “Innovative Tools for Developers”, we would like to share with you these two great video presentations:

Building for the Cloud – Carl Quinn of Neflix talks at JavaZoneand covers Netflix pipeline using Jenkins and Artifactory.

Building for the Cloud from JavaZone on Vimeo.

Agile Application Lifecycle Management – Author of Agile ALM, Michael Hüttermann, JavaOne talk. Michael describes how to execute an agile release management process using Jenkins, Artifactory and Maven.

Enjoy Artifactory!