SwampUP Leap: AppsFlyer Transforms Its Artifact Management with Artifactory’s Single Source of Truth

At swampUP 2020, DevOps platform engineer Roman Roberman spoke about AppsFlyer’s need to gain control and automate their development environment.  AppsFlyer’s mobile app Attribution Analytics platform helps marketers measure and optimize their user acquisition funnel. Headquartered in San Francisco, AppsFlyer operates 18 global offices, and its platform is integrated with over 2,000 ad networks, including … Continued

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need JFrog Enterprise+

  More and more companies rely on software to provide value to their customers through product or service updates, websites, mobile apps and more. Whether large or small, these companies can be in any industry segment such as financial, retail, manufacturing or healthcare. To keep providing value through software,  you need to continuously develop new … Continued

Track Your Resource Allocation Globally

The recent release of JFrog Mission Control v1.11 has opened up a new dimension in the management of your global artifact workflow. For the first time, Mission Control lets you track and monitor how your resources are being used with the new Storage / Artifact Usage graph. Knowing how much storage the Artifactory instances you … Continued

The 5 Big DevOps Changes to Expect in 2017

Thoughts from the CEO desk 2017 started off with a DevOps bang; an enormous amount of capital was poured into DevOps technology companies by VCs, and larger-scale adoption of tools and methodologies was approved in this year’s IT budgets with the recognition that DevOps is a “must-have”. These changes follow a Gartner Report from 2016 … Continued


Predictive Graphs and Notifications

In my last post about JFrog Mission Control, I introduced the new Graphs feature which shows how your instances and repositories have been consuming storage. Knowing your history can help you prepare for the future, but why should you have to second-guess what will happen? Mission Control now does that for you with predictive graphs. … Continued


Historical Data and your Instances’ and Repositories’ Future

I never liked history in school. I was more interested in the latest technological developments and what the future had in store. What I didn’t realize at that time was age-old saying  that (paraphrasing) you have to know your history to understand where you’re going. The same is true of your Artifactory instances and repositories. … Continued

MBeans, MBeans They’re Good For Your Heart

Some of you may have gotten a giggle from the title of this post, remembering that children’s song  about beans that many of us would gleefully sing every time one of our friends “let loose”. But the truth is, MBeans really are good for your heart, especially if you have to monitor a multitude of … Continued

Disaster Recovery Built Into Centralized Repository Management

Planning for Disaster Recovery is a bit like insurance. You know you need it so that when the 5#!7 hits the fan, you’re ready with a plan Artifactory sits at the heart of critical software development processes in any organization that has realized the need for advanced artifact management. Depending on who (or which CI … Continued

[White Paper] JFrog Mission Control

As enterprises ramp up their use of JFrog Artifactory, and install multiple servers at globally distributed data centers, monitoring and managing the global binary workflow becomes more and more challenging. JFrog Mission Control overcomes these challenges by providing a centralized management console for global Artifactory instances.

JFrog Mission Control 1.0 Unleashed.

A couple of months ago we released the preview version of JFrog Mission Control. As a new product, we were eager to get it out there and start getting feedback. Since then we have been in constant contact with dozens of our customers who downloaded it learning what worked well and what was missing. So … Continued